While leaving her home to go to the store, Talisha could hear meowing coming from her yard. Concerned her cat had gotten loose, she investigated and was shocked to discover a kitten lying in the middle of her front yard. Soaked in a mysterious soapy substance, infested in fleas and shivering from fear and cold, the kitten appeared to be no more than eight weeks old! Talisha quickly scooped him up and took him into her home where she bathed him, gave him food and affectionately named him Tarzan.  

Talisha took Tarzan to her veterinarian who diagnosed him with infections in both eyes as well as a deep ulcer in his left eye. He was given IV fluids to help with dehydration. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) was happy to pay for Tarzan’s vet bill with a Medical Emergency Grant.

As Tarzan healed, Talisha excitingly wrote ISF, “When I first found him he was so quiet, could hardly move and I honestly wasn't sure if he was going to make it. Since I've had him he's gained some weight, he's got his spunk back and is just such a lover. When you hold him he purrs the whole time and just always wants to be by your side. He's a very sweet and strong little boy and deserves a better life then he had been living.” As their bond continued to grow, Talisha knew Tarzan had found his forever home with her. 


Written by Veronica Hampton