Turbo is an incredibly sweet, mild mannered foal who was tragically orphaned when he was just three days old. Hand raised and bottle fed by humans, he developed a sweet spirit and willingness to please. Sadly, Turbo’s elderly owner was unable to care for him properly, despite the desire and effort he put forth into raising him. The result of inconsistent proper nutrition Turbo received caused the growth plates in his right leg to not close properly. This left him with a leg which grew at a crooked angle and could only be corrected through surgery.

A concerned horse lover contacted Trinity Rescue Incorporated (TRI) and since Turbo’s owner could not afford the surgery, he agreed to relinquish ownership to the rescue. Along with his deformed leg, Turbo entered the rescue at eight months old underweight with ringworm, a lice infestation and rain rot. Two weeks after TRI took ownership of the Grade Colt and with the help of an ISF Grant, Turbo underwent surgery. A pin was inserted in the growth plate to help straighten the turnout of his leg at the knee. While still anesthetized, he also underwent his gelding procedure. Four weeks later X-rays showed improvement, but more correction and stall rest was needed before the pin could be removed.

Through all he had to endure, Turbo has shown an amazing will to survive and thrive despite the odds. Cynthia, with TRI wrote to ISF, “He is doing wonderfully.  He is such an easy going foal. He is enjoying having a regular diet and his interactions with the many human admirers that visit the rescue… He also has a brightness to his eyes, and has gone from lethargic to playful.  He is generally a sweet, happy, and getting healthy foal.”

Turbo remained on stall rest for ninety days where his focus was on eating and growing. In the end, it was decided the pin in his leg would need to be permanent. Now six months post-surgery, Turbo is doing outstanding. The only thing he needs now is his perfect forever human and home of his own.                              


ISF Grantee Horse Turbo ISF Grantee Horse Turbo

ISF Grantee Horse Turbo ISF Grantee Horse Turbo

Written by Veronica Hampton