Valentine and Sienna

When the kind hearts at Forte Animal Rescue (Forte) came across Valentine & Sienna they instantly knew they had to help these beautiful girls. They told the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF), “When we first saw sweet Valentine in the pound, she had been left there with a note callously tied around her neck reading, “I need a new home”". Seeing her time was up, Forte was quick to rescue her and they instantly saw what a beautiful and gentle soul Valentine is. Sweet Valentine was suffering from an obvious eye injury and when Forte took her to the vet she was diagnosed with Entropion, a painful congenital condition which causes eyelids to roll inward against the eye's cornea.

In a strange twist of fate, Forte also came across Sienna, another loving dog who was left by her owners at the pound, possibly because she too suffered from Entropion. It was determined that Sienna had Entropion in both of her eyes. Contrary to Sienna's previous guardian's complaint she was aggressive, staff at the pound conducted temperament tests on her and she passed as a straight A student. It seems her medical condition may have been too much for her previous guardians to deal with, so Forte happily stepped in and took over since Sienna, along with Valentine, most likely would not have survived much longer in the pound. “On top of Entropion,” Forte says, “both dogs were suffering from a bad strain of kennel cough, and Valentine is also on medicine for Giardia and whipworms”.

Forte reports, “Both Valentine and Sienna are very sweet and have a lot to offer to lucky people who will adopt them”. However, before adoption, both dogs needed to undergo expensive surgery to correct the Entropion. Forte asked ISF to help with the expenses and we were very excited to provide them assistance. After undergoing the necessary surgeries, Valentine and Sienna have both recovered and are leading very happy lives. Valentine has been adopted by a very special family who were not put off by her surgery or any work which might be involved in the future. She is getting the very best care with them and has already settled in well, loving a new life in her Southern California forever home, complete with picturesque ocean views! She loves playing with her new doggie brother, Yeager, and older sister, Brandy, who love to teach Valentine all about life, making the perfect story ending for Valentine.

Sienna has an equally joyous new life in her new forever home. Sienna is so sweet and adorable. When her foster family’s sister and brother-in-law came to visit, they fell so in love with Sienna they asked to adopt her themselves. The couple took Sienna back home with them all the way from sunny California to the other side of the United States in New York and as a therapy dog, Sienna was even allowed to fly in the cabin with them. Owning their own business allows Sienna's new family to bring her to work with them every day so she is rarely home alone. Forte enthuses, “Sienna's life has improved 1,000%!”                                                                                                          


Written by: Brandy Delilah Anderson

Edited by: Bob Stone