"Watermark" Inspires Viewers to Appreciate Vital Water Sources

Water covers more than 70% of the earth. Water forms glaciers, lakes, rivers, moisture in the soil, moisture in the air, and the oceans; water shapes the earth and is a vital source of life. Everyone and everything on this planet depends on water, whether it’s in the air, in the ground, or in our bodies!

As one of our most precious resources, it’s a resource that is in need of conserving. Across the world and across cultures, we interact with water in thousands of ways from the recommended eight glasses a day, to the floating abalone farms in China, to the incredible dams used to create energy, water is essential to our survival as a species and to the rest of the world’s creatures.

In order to showcase this irreplaceable resource, filmmakers Edward Burtynsky and Jennifer Baichwal have created an incredible film called Watermark, which examines the human relationship to water. They have travelled all around the world to observe this human interaction with one of the world’s greatest resources and have collected stories from many cultures.

According to the official synopsis for the film: “Shot in stunning 5K ultra high-definition video and full of soaring aerial perspectives, this film shows water as a terraforming element and the scale of its reach, as well as the magnitude of our need and use. This is balanced by forays into the particular: a haunting memory of a stolen river, a mysterious figure roaming ancient rice terraces, the crucial data hidden in a million year old piece of ice, a pilgrim’s private ritual among thousands of others at the water’s edge... In Watermark, the viewer is immersed in a world defined by a magnificent force of nature that we all too often take for granted- until it’s gone.”

For many of us, water is an afterthought, a necessity that is available to us at the twist of a tap or a push of a button. In reality, water is so much more important and every part of it needs our continuous efforts for protection and conservation. Various methods of pollution greatly threaten our water supply but even the smallest change in our habits can make a world of difference.

So how can you make a difference? Here are some easy, money-saving ideas that will help you conserve water at home!

  • When you brush your teeth or wash your face, avoid wasting water by turning off the tap!
  • In the shower, turn off the water while you shampoo and get sudsy, especially if you have long hair!
  • Keep your showers short! Look for a shower timer that can help you keep track of the minutes you spend with the water running.
  • During your next home renovation, install an eco-friendly, dual-flush toilet.
  • Install low flow taps or low-flow aerators around your house.
  • Invest in a rain barrel or rain collection system for your garden!
  • If you are redoing your backyard, take a pass on the traditional lawn and try a new, low-maintenance design that requires less watering.
  • Install a household water meter and get an accurate measurement of how much water you use. Saving money on your water bill is an excellent incentive to reducing your water usage!
  • Lastly, watch Watermark and get inspired! Visit the Watermark website for premiere details.


(Image: Watermark poster, Edward Burtynsky. Source: www.burtynsky-water.com)


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-Written by Inés de Sequera