Work Sheet on Consciousness for Path of the Stray

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Work Sheet on Consciousness

If consciousness is currency, I’ve got me a goldmine. -Jarrod

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness = awareness (the experience of awareness). It’s what we think, and that we think we think.

We all have different conscious awareness. From page 51, Path of the Stray.

Janis drew in her breath. ‘I’m hoping for a seamless
shift in consciousness — outcomes that will help restore
the world to a place where my daughter’s children can
grow up with grass under their bare feet and the sound
of birds in the trees. I’m hoping for clean drinking water
for everyone and an ocean we can swim in.’
Cheng shifted in his seat. ‘I’m just hoping to survive
the next major quake.’
‘That too.’

* * *

Tryn thinking about Jarrod’s thoughts on mind – body – spirit, pg. 336.

(Jarrod had) felt the whole point of spirit in the
body was to expand the thing he called consciousness.
Awareness, she guessed he meant. They hadn’t finished
the discussion . . .

Is consciousness only an attribute of being humans?

Everything is consciousness. There are no dead zones in creation. Consciousness is an activity of the universe. – Deepak Chopra, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul pg 216

Nature is extraordinary, Janis. Nature is uncanny. My Lupins are
no less a phenomenon of nature than anything else.’
‘With a little help from your DNA tampering.’

‘It’s no different than what I did for you and Jarrod
and we don’t even know where his consciousness came
from. Is he any less a product of nature? Can you say that
consciousness is not nature herself? Is there some cut-off
point where life, where being, is no longer of nature?’ Luka telling Janis about the Lupins, pg. 156

* * *
Janis seeing Jarrod in his ‘human’ form for the first time, pg. 101

Janis stepped back to admire him. ‘Jarrod,
you’ve done very well. No one in the world will mistake
you for …’
‘A quantum computer?’ His brows went up.
‘Consciousness is consciousness, wherever it resides.’
‘And your residence is just right.’

Does Consciousness Create the World?

Jarrod, on consciousness, pg 97

‘If I take my current consciousness, the energetic
content of my CPU, to the small room to hide from
what I am experiencing here, the confines would
automatically prompt me to expand my imagination,
and therefore the space, and since I can experience only
what I imagine, much of what I might create there
would mimic what is currently here. Hence, I take my
world with me, wherever I go.’

What is it? What is it important? I think therefore I am? Consciousness as what we think and what we think we think. Being, feeling and choosing as consciousness? Or the awareness of choice? Is that awareness?

* * *

Janis and Luka discussing ‘JARROD’. Pg 69-70

‘He refers to himself in the first person, Janis. He’s
conscious, I have no doubt, and — more disturbing — he
seems to have recall of an existence prior to the initial

boot-up. How do you explain that?’ Luka’s voice was soft,
his manner easy, as if he was saying, how’s things with
you? Nothing in his tone suggested that they were
discussing anything more controversial than the morning’s
pastry display or the questionable synthetic coffee.
‘Did you think we created him de novo?’ Janis said,
taking a bite of toast. The jam dripped onto her finger
and she caught it with her tongue. ‘Energy is eternal and
consciousness is energy. Of course he existed before. We
all did.’
‘We don’t know that, Janis.’
‘I can see you don’t,’ she said under her breath.

How to expand consciousness

As the sign above the Oracle of Delphi says, know thyself. The more we understand our motives, desires, intentions, core values, loves, hates, fears and gifts, the more authentic we become and with authenticity comes greater awareness. One way to open to this greater self awareness is meditation.

The benefits of meditation rest on the ability of awareness to change reality. Now we know why that is valid. The chain of events that ends in the body begins in consciousness. By moving stuck energy, the free flow of consciousness is restored, which is enough to bring the body back into a healthy state. - Deepak Chopra, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul pg 67

Through meditation, not only the body benefits but the mind and spirit do too. We become more whole, more awakened, more ourselves.

What do you really want?

Knowing what you really want can expand conscious awareness and help get you into alignment with authentic desires.

You may want to get onto a new career path with enthusiasm and assurance of a good income, a new home or relationship, a new talent to develop, a new way to support the environment and give back and underneath that ‘want’ is a true core desire that can be activated immediately, before a new job, home or relationship appears. Here’s how it works:

1) Start with a statement. It might be simply I want happiness AND financial security! Or I want a great career that supports me, or I want to be in a ‘love of my life’ relationship. You choose one or more statements to work with. Saying simply what you consciously want.

2) Ask, Why do I want that? Each time you answer, you again ask ‘why do I want that? Here is what it looks like:

I want financial security!
Why do I want that?

So I can keep writing and pay the bills
Why do I want that?

So I can feel of value
Why do I want that?

So I can live in peace.

Peace. That’s what I’m really after. Gaining financial security but not having peace isn’t going to make me happy or expand my conscious awareness. Financial security, a great career, abundance, relationship, all these desires are just energy, an idea, but what I really want is to feel peace.

Try this exercise so you can get a few key beliefs about what you really want. They generally are very core, like peace, love, fulfilment, happiness.

Once you are more conscious of your authentic desires and motivations, you can start appreciating right now what it is you want to feel. Notice when you do experience peace (or whatever you core value is). The more you put your attention there, the more that vibration will show up in the world around you.


Which characters in Path of the Stray are the most aware? Least?
Do you notice characters who are growing their awareness as the story unfolds? What triggers the growth? Do any seem to become less aware, more closed minded. Why? Do you observe changes in your own

consciousness? Do you experience other species/’objects’ as conscious? Some animals are good at 'sending' images. Have you ever received one?