Worksheet on Intention from Path of the Stray

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Kim Falconer

Discuss what it is and why it’s important

The properties of intention – from Path of the Stray

Janis was in the habit of achieving whatever she set out to do. Her background in the occult, as well as quantum physics and medical science, gave her an edge. The manipulation of reality by conscious intention was a well practised part of her life — deliberate creation, she called it. When she wanted a thing — a particular experience or outcome — she focused her thoughts on it, feeling what it would be like if she had it right in that moment, and before she knew it, she did. (Janis Richter on intention, page 46)

* * *

Her mind reached for the highest possible outcome. She was imagining it, expecting it, knowing it would be . . . (Janis seeks the JARROD consciousness, Page 66)

* * *

JARROD: The possibilities are so vast that if I started listing them today, you’d be an old woman before I was halfway through.’

JANIS: ‘Pot luck then.’

JARROD: ‘Or a powerfully focused intention. I suggest the
latter.’ (On the infinite organizing power of intention, Page 98)

* * *

Because I say so. Janis to Luka (now that’s intention! pg 92)

* * *

And, note that humans aren’t the only ones with intentions.

‘There comes a time, Ruby, when letting go is all that’s left to do. Corsair has his own intention — had it all along — and I’m officially giving in to it. He wins. He’ll not be saddled again.’ (Ruby remembering Janis the last time she rode Corsair, page 606)
What's An Intention?
An intention is simply the mental/verbal statement we make about an action, result or event. We have in mind want we want and then say it like it’s already a done deal. Think: I decide what happens next!
Example: This meeting is going to work out perfectly. I know they are going to appreciate everything I have to offer.
Without intention, we don’t have a focus or direction and things just seem to happen, or not, without our participation.
With an unconscious negative intention, we might be ‘intending’ for things to go in ways we don’t really want.
Example: This doesn’t have a chance in hell. We know it’s never going to work.
Negative or unconscious intentions can have a powerful effect on outcome. Becoming more aware can make a difference in how we say our life will be.

How you set intentions?

1) How do you think about your day when you wake up?

2) Do you ‘see’ things as ‘going to be difficult/tricky/bad?’

3) Are there people/jobs/activities you think are challenging?

4) Are there people jobs/activities you think are fun?

5) Do you notice how your body feels when you start something new?

6) Do you KNOW how someone is going to react before they do?


Awareness and open mind

1) Start your day with appreciation
2) Set intentions to experience the day without judgments
3) Use positive self-talk when starting something new
4) Focus on what’s going right
5) Remember you have instant access to infinite possibilities
6) Tune in to the messages from your body. Habit or instinct?
7) Loosen up your ideas about how people may respond. Give them a chance to grow.

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