Worth Worksheet for Path of the Stray

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Kim Falconer

Worth and Self-Esteem

Discuss what it is and why it’s important.

Self-worth is something that is grown and healed in relationship, especially in relationship to oneself, but it starts off in life with parents, of course, and teachers, and eventually significant others. – Shawn Wilder

Worthiness and vibration
Everything we think about ourselves has a vibration and that vibration draws to it a like vibration (like attracts like). In this way the universe can only be as good to us as we are to ourselves.-Jeannette Maw

By practicing more love of self, worthiness and appreciation we automatically raise our vibration and that of the planet.

We need to instil confidence and highlight a steady progress towards success. -Janis Richter

Many of the characters in Path of the Stray have a strong sense of self-worth, but not all, and not all the time. Feelings of confidence and worth affect our thinking, our vibration, our experiences and the world around us.
* * *
Kay moving through feelings of worthlessness, from pg 528
Try as he might, Kay couldn’t remember his past, his
life before the man — if he’d had one. Could he have
been born there, in the bowels of the slums? It seemed
as likely as anything else presenting itself. But why
would he have been abandoned? Was he of so little
value? He remembered a woman letting him tumble out
of her arms. Was that his mother? The old pain
threatened to return — the all-consuming pressure of
worthlessness and rejection. He’d learned a long time

ago not to dwell there. Fortunately the run, and the
strength of his beast body, made it easy to outdistance
those thoughts. Kay knew one thing for certain: shifting
to this alternative form felt as natural and familiar as
blinking his eyes. It comforted him, and empowered
* * *
Janis on confidence. Pg 103

Confidence, Jarrod. Panache. That’s what’s going to
get us out of here. Act ‘as if’ it were true, and let me do
the talking.
* * *
Jarrod dealing with fear and insecurity. Pg 104
Moisture trickled down his back. What was that?
Fear? He had to get away, but he didn’t think he could
outrun a child at the moment, let alone an ASSIST
security squad — certainly not a wireless tap from that
worm. He had to play this well if they were going to
walk out of here, as Janis had said, but he didn’t know
the game. What were the rules? He felt wrapped in a
dampening field, muffled by his physicality — his
consciousness a searchlight in thick fog. He looked at
Janis and took a deep breath.
She was brilliant, relaxed as she waved Cheng in
and made light conversation — asking about his kids
and the family dog. He would follow her lead and speak
lightly as well, if he could. It would be all right. He
wiped his brow with the back of his hand. It had to be
all right. He focused his thoughts on it and made it so.

What makes you feel worthy? Inner knowing? Praise from others? Can you be confident without feelings strong self-worth? Where does self-love fit in? Self-talk. What are you in the habit of saying to yourself? Idiot? Lame move? I messed that up? Or, I love that about me! I’m a work in progress. I’m getting better at this every day! Has anyone tried the ‘worthiness magic’?
From Shawn Wilder - Mirroring what makes you shine builds self worth. Idealizing the power of a master does it, and basking in the sameness of another (twinship) gives us the sense of self.

What about our relationship with Earth? Does the earth mirror us? Can we idealize Nature to grow ourselves? Can we identify with Nature? Where am I going? Oh Yeah, the dawn of the age of the Ecological Self!

Worthiness Magic

Get a little notepad and on the first page write, I am worthy . . . write it a few times, just to get in the head space. Then go with some specifics. It might look like this:
I am worthy . . .
I am worthy of love . . .
I am worthy of closeness . . .
I am worthy of connection. . .
I am worthy of happiness . . .
I am worthy of my family . . .
I am worthy of my body . . .
I am worthy of nature . . .
I am worthy of my power . . .
I am worthy of success . . .
I am worthy of my place in the world . . .
I am worthy of my creative genius . . .
I am worthy of my values . . .
I am worthy of my community . . .
I am worthy of contribution . . .
I am worthy . . .
Go with it and let the thoughts flow. You may find you get emotional at one point, feeling a response to where the exercise leads you. That’s all part of the release that happens with this simple ‘worthiness magic’. Do the exercise once a day for 30 days.
You don’t have to write much. Only keep going for as long as it feels right. Stop before you get restless with it or it feels like a chore. The idea is to really FEEL what it is like to be that worthy of everything.