The Deforestation Diaries

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

This month, we want to look a little further into deforestation, one of the biggest challenges to save the planet. Deforestation is one of the main causes of climate change.

Trees store carbon which stops it from being released into our atmosphere. Cut down the tree and the carbon is released in mass quantities. This also affects the water cycle, which creates chaos for Earth’s climate systems. Remember our ‘Send it In’ Challenge? We've included 2 super cool diagrams that were submitted to us right here! They help to clearly explain what happens when we cut down too many of our precious forests.  The "Deforestation Cycle" was submitted to us by Margot Maritz and the diagram with the funky planet was submitted by Yamie Izz. Thanks, Margot and Yamie – your diagrams are just what we were looking for! Thanks to your great work, we can now send on the message of stopping mass deforestation...  We’ll also be featuring our amazing entries over time, so look out for yours on our official ISFYouth Twitter @ISFYOUTH1 !

...and this super-creative, detailed video was put together in a team effort from two of our sensational ISF supporters – Jordan and Joyce Ostwald. Great work!


Finally, Here’s an insightful summary of how critical trees are to sustaining life, from an article by Roxana Alexandra Velcea, another passionate ISF Youth, titled: ‘What Keeps You Alive’:
“The trees are like the green engine of our planet, keeping not only us alive, but also every single animal. We ought not to forget that for every breath we take, there is a tiny branch of a far-away tree that we need to be thankful for. And if we kill not only a branch, but an entire tree – where will we get our oxygen-the essence of our life- from?”

So what can we do???
The other main cause of climate change is human activity which causes pollution. The main source of this pollution is the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, which sends millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere annually. This adds even more stress to our already overworked climate and eco-systems. The good news is, YOU can do something really practical to help! IS Foundation is working with Conservation International to support their ‘Lost there, felt here’ project for RE-forestation!

CLICK HERE to explore the forest and find out how you can protect an acre.
You might be aware that the ISF is already protecting over three-hundred acres of forest! Maybe we should go get that ‘superhero haircut’ after all!!