Primrose was hit by a car on a late March night while roaming the city streets of St. Louis. A young mixed breed dog of less than a year, Primrose was a St. Louis street dog in a city where the stray dog population has become an epidemic. Stray Rescue of St. Louis, led by Randy Grim, is dedicated to ending this problem. Speaking about the night Primrose was rescued, Randy said, “Primrose has been a true survivor on the streets. Her malnourished mangy body indicates that her life has been one of fear and suffering.  Even after picking her body off the streets at the scene she did that one singular kiss on my face of gratitude. I feel it is her showing me that she wants to live, wants to be saved so she can experience no fear, love and a real home.”

Knowing her injuries were severe, Randy took Primrose straight to a twenty four hour emergency vet office. It was found that aside from being malnourished and suffering from Demodex Mange, Primrose also had a broken femur requiring surgery and an old neck fracture which eventually will need to be addressed. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation gave Primrose a grant to help with her recovery.

Shortly after her surgery and while still recovering, Primrose found her forever home with a local women who fell immediately in love with her. In her new forever home, Primrose will be able to rest comfortably and heal completely so she may have the life she deserves. To watch Primrose as she ventures off to happiness, click on the video below.