Mykah, a very small and sweet four-month old kitten, was rescued from a high-kill shelter in late December of 2014 by Kitty Devore Rescue (KDR). She loved to be held and purred with every pat she received.  Once in her foster home, Mykah loved to run, play and act like any other normal kitten. She was taken to the rescue’s veterinarian for a routine spay when tragedy struck. Amanda, a volunteer with KDR wrote ISF, “The vet who performed the spay surgery said Mykah was sailing through it without issue, but once they finished up she suddenly went into full cardiac arrest. Fortunately, they were able to resuscitate precious Mykah, but recommended that she be transferred to the nearest ER vet - immediately!”

Mykah had suffered a rare and severe allergic reaction to the anesthesia, which was further complicated by an additional reaction to the drugs used to revive her. At the time Amanda wrote ISF, Mykah was clinging to life at the ER vet. ISF immediately issued a Medical Emergency Grant.

Mykah lost her vision because of swelling in her brain from the incident. She was placed in a hyperbaric chamber and given life sustaining IV medication and fluids. After spending three days in the hospital, she was able to go home with her foster mom, Cathy. Once returned to her foster home, KDR rescue reported, “She is alert, moving around, eating, drinking and eliminating on her own, but is still completely blind and struggling with some limb weakness and incoordination.” Despite her marked improvements, KDR told ISF, “Mykah is very depressed and confused about being in the dark and not being able to see. Mykah cries out for comfort from Cathy and her other loving caregivers and they’re showering her with as much love as anyone could possibly give.”

KDR remained in constant contact with Mykah’s vets in case she suffered any setbacks and needed to be rushed back in for treatment. Although it was highly likely she would remain permanently blind due to the lack of oxygen she suffered, there was also some hope. Mykah was young and in excellent health prior to her fiasco, so there was a chance she could regain her vision as the swelling around her brain continued to decrease. Thankfully, Mykah did regain her full eyesight as the swelling in her brain subsided.

During her time in foster care, Mykah became very close with another foster kitten by the name of Ryelin. A young couple who had seen Ryelin’s profile online came to meet her for adoption. When they saw how close Mykah and Ryelin were, they decided to adopt both kittens together. KDR wrote to ISF, “These kitties, and specifically Mykah will now have a chance to live their forever life as happy, healthy, and normal kitties!”


Written by Veronica Hampton