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Little in Size, Harmful in Impact

Water Campaign, Creatures, Environment Download 2017.10ELittleinSizeHarmfulInImpactInfographic_1.jpg (575.76 KB)

Little In Size, Harmful In Impact. Ton's of Microbeads from personal care products are entering our...

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An Ocean Crisis: Plastic in our Oceans

Environment, Water Campaign, Creatures Download ISF_Environmental_Project_Final_2.jpg (1.38 MB)

Each day millions of people purchase drinks from a grocery or convenience store which come in plastic bottles. We may not...

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Litterless Lunches

Environment, Compassionate Consumer Download ISF_litterless_lunch_infographic_1200x1200.jpg (843.45 KB)

How can you go Litterless for your lunch this school year?

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Pet

Download Top10ReasonsToAdoptAnOlderPet.jpg (425.55 KB)

We could come up with ten thousand reasons, but for now we're only going to leave you with ten. Don't forgot how amazing older animals the next time you are looking for a furry forever friend!

Ditch The Skin

Compassionate Consumer, Creatures Download DITCH_THE_SKIN.jpg (168.29 KB)

Why wear another animals skin when you have your own? There are enough animal-friendly fabrics in the world for you to ditch the skin forever!


Creatures Download Missisnippin_.jpg (654.07 KB)

When ISF held it's first spay and neuter clinic in Mississippi over one hundred dogs and cats were spayed and neutered. It's amazing what a difference just one spayed or neutered animal makes!

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It's #Time4TheTalk...

Creatures, Environment Download Time4TheTalk.jpg (578.78 KB)

It's #Time4TheTalk...about pollinators of course!

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Creatures, Environment Download ISF4FishB2.jpg (298.26 KB)

Overfishing is destroying Earth's oceans biodiversity. Please don't overfish the oceans! #ISF4Fish

The Final Straw Infographic

The Final Straw Infographic

Environment, Water Campaign Download 2017.04.TheFinalStraw.pdf (422.19 KB)

Join ISF in #TheFinalStraw, our campaign to eliminate the unnecessary use of plastic straws contributing to the pollution of our water resources and...

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True Cost- Compassionate Consumer

Compassionate Consumer, Creatures Download true_cost1.jpg (111.62 KB)

Do you know what the True Cost is when you buy something?  Money isn't the only cost of a product so its important to know what it costs the planet and its creatures?  

#ISF #...

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Ocean Debris Worldwide

Water Campaign, Creatures, Environment Download ocean_debris.jpg (148.66 KB)

Our oceans are polluted with plastics and other litter impacting the marine life.  Please reduce your plastic use and help clean up our oceans.  Share this to show others the problems with...

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Ocean Plastic Pollution Impact on Animals

Water Campaign, Creatures Download 2015.CRE_.OPPCampaign_flyer-8.5inx11inFinal_1.jpg (8.57 MB)

Our oceans are polluted with plastics impacting the marine life.  Please reduce your plastic use and help clean up our oceans.  Share this to...

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The Final Straw Poster

The Final Straw Campaign Poster

Water Campaign, Environment Download TheFinalStrawPoster_resize.jpg (4.9 MB)

Join ISF in #TheFinalStraw

meatless may

Meatless May

Creatures, Compassionate Consumer, Environment Download Meatless_May.jpg (153.47 KB)

Special THANKS to Christina Biggert for ALL her help on our infographic!