Jamie WendlingJamie Wendling
Executive Office Administrator
Twitter: @JLW_ISF
Jamie Wendling is a stay at home mother of one boy, Jackson, who is three and one nearly 8 month old girl named Peyton. She majored in Art with an emphasis in Museum Gallery Curation and minored in French and Business Marketing. Jamie loves movies, music, game nights and spending time with her family out at their lake home. She currently resides in Waukesha, Wisconsin with her son,daughter, husband, cat named Figaro and beagle named Casey. I want to instill in my children the importance of giving back and taking care of our environment from the water to the animals to the people because we all are connected.


Jessica Ramsey OlivierJessica Ramsey Olivier
Director of Creatures Division
Twitter: @TheJram
Consumed with compassion. Driven by changemaking. Intense reverence for all demonstrations of life. Intoxicated by words and the sequencing of them. Ignited by relationships with powerful actionists. Grateful for constant flood of creativity. Boxes are bullshit. Colors outside of the lines. Didn't even know there WERE lines. Avid hugger. Mom to many furry, slithering, purring things. Continuously and increasingly stoked. How can you not be?


Paula EarlPaula Earl
HR/Operations Manager
Twitter: @todayonward
Paula lives in beautiful Boulder, CO. She has an MS in Computer Information Systems but has since decided to follow her passion – working with and for kids and youth. She loves sci-fi, art, wine and working for what she believes in. Paula’s family consists of two college-aged sons, a sweet and generous husband, a needy miniature poodle and a devil-dog.


Cori Calkins Cori Calkins
College Division Manager 
Twitter: @ISF_Cori
Cori has always been fascinated with human nature and the strength of will that our species demonstrates. She is champion of human potential, in spite of the things that tend to get in our way. She holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and has a passion for art, science, and life in general. She revels in deep discussion, music, and dancing. Her interest in empowering others to create a better world has happily led her to ISF and its youth leadership efforts. Cori’s goal in working with the ISF youth is to support their mission through facilitating opportunities to develop these skills and to help them to identify the unique talents they each possess to make a difference in our world.


Jules TraceJules Trace
Youth Division Manager 
Twitter: @ISF_JulesT
Jules lives in the wonderful city of Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a very passionate, fun loving and not-so-average 24 year old girl who will do anything to help an animal or a child. Her entire life has been filled with love for nature and animals, and she wants to motivate others to see the beauty in our world and how to restore and protect it. Her every day job is teaching children with Autism, and helping them learn while enjoying life and being themselves. She believes every child, animal and creature has a voice, no matter their abilities, and wants to help them all to be heard. She has been a Vegetarian for 5 years, and is an aspiring Vegan. ISF has changed her life, and her mission is for YOU to change our world!


Paige LickliderPaige Licklider
Volunteer Environment Division Manager
Paige grew up in North Carolina and is a double Tarheel having graduated with a degree in English in 2002 and a Juris Doctor in 2005. Paige practiced law for about five years before following her heart to stay at home with her kids. Doing anything she can to benefit the natural world has been important to Paige since she was in elementary school and that desire is what lead her to volunteer with ISF. In her spare time, Paige loves reading, writing, and being outside.


Kate HarmsKate Harms
Volunteer Creatures Division Manager
Kate’s two biggest passions in life are animals and conservation. It has been that way since she was a kid, so you can understand why she chose to work with ISF. She holds a Master’s degree in Biology and spent years in the animal care field before diving into conservation professionally as an Environmental Educator and Resource Conservationist. Residing in Pennsylvania, she’s the Chair of her Township’s Environmental Advisory Council. She’s no stranger to volunteer work and finds it very rewarding. Some of her proudest achievements have been through volunteering which includes starting a Green Charter School and building wildlife habitat with an interpretive trail at her township park. When at home, she stays busy with her two young children, dogs, chickens, and dabbles in homesteading. She feels the most powerful tool against today's issues is education.


Anne RicherAnne Richer
Community Crews Division Manager
A native of Ottawa, Ontario, Anne is currently the Director of Finance at a not-for-profit with major national and international initiatives. As one of its first employees in the capacity of Office Manager, she found her niche in finance and was responsible for creating and implementing its Finance Department. Anne has a soft spot for animals and is the mom to Emma, a rescued brown tabby. As a former national level competitive figure skater, she enjoys skating on the Rideau Canal during the winter. During the summer months, she enjoys living on her boat and cruising Canadian and US waterways. She hopes to one day live on the water with a stable, a few horses, dogs and cats, and spend the day riding and boating.


Stephanie PeskowitzStephanie Peskowitz
Volunteer Campaign Manager
Twitter: @ISF_StephP
Since Stephanie was a young girl growing up in Canada, she has always been passionate about the welfare of animals. In her late teens, her adventurous side took her to Boston where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in nursing from Northeastern University. Stephanie's nursing career has provided her with various caretaker roles in women's health, hospital acute units, and for the last 11 years, correctional healthcare. In her late 20's, she packed up her shelter dog, her rescued feral cat and her horse, and headed further south to Florida where she now lives. She shares her home with her 2 young boys, her husband and her many family pets.


Jillian Abramson/Luke WatkinsJillian Abramson Watkins/Luke Watkins
Volunteer Art Director/Volunteer Graphic Designer
Living in Brooklyn, NY, with their dog Cash, Jillian is an Art Director at an advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather and Luke is a Graphic Designer for the TV Network, Syfy. They are very happy to be a part of the ISF family and to be using their talents to spread messages of social and global responsibility.



Kitt AmundsenKitt Amundson
Volunteer Legal Affairs
Kitt is a seasoned legal professional who, when she has some spare time outside the corporate world, has been an agent for professional rodeo cowboys and a member of the Professional Hockey Writers Association covering the National Hockey League for the last 14 years. She is a Colorado native who has traveled the world, loves spending time with her black lab, MoDo and looks forward to the challenge of making a difference.



Nelly BarlaudNelly Barlaud
Volunteer French Translator
Nelly is the eldest of three kids. She has a bachelor degree in English studies and decided to get involved with ISF after having followed the foundation almost from its start... She loves animals and kids. After having spent 5 months in NY as an aupair, her biggest dream to settle in the US has never been so strong. She hopes she'll be able to do even more for ISF once there. She loves outdoor activities such as hiking, reading, going to the movies, and watching TV.rdquo; Anon.


Christina BiggertChristina Biggert
Volunteer Graphic Designer
Christina began as a Midwest girl, but has adjusted nicely to the So Cal weather & way of life. She has always been involved with art in some way; everything from studying it to making a living at it, to working with a wide range of mediums just for fun. Currently working to build her Photo-Retouching & Graphic Design business, Christina is still able to volunteer when the opportunity arises. She is very excited about the ISF & all of the wonderful changes that are happening because of it, including how people think! Christina is an: Animal Loving, Eco-friendly, Highly Creative, Vegetarian, Sagittarian, Mother, Wife, & Friend.


Amber BogieAmber Bogie
Volunteer Marketing/Public Relations Specialist
Amber Bogie was born and raised in Silicon Valley, CA. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communications Studies and minor in European studies, she packed her bags and moved to France. In France she lived in Lyon and learned to sleep and breathe the French culture; she became fluent not only in the language but all things French. While there she had the time to grow and find her true passions. Once back on American soil with her passions at heart she joined the corporate world and began Marketing. Amber love’s her day job, but wanted to do MORE than just work. She wanted to follow the heart of the girl she found in France, thus she became a part of the ISF team. The need to help others is what wakes her up every day of her life. When Amber is not working or volunteering she enjoys spending time with her dog, Sophie, her family & friends, reading, drinking wine, speaking French, and learning new things. 


Petra Bobovec Szab√≥Petra Bobovec Szabó
Volunteer German Translations Coordinator
Petra lives with her husband in the small but beautiful country of Slovenia. One of the greatest gifts life gave her is to be able to speak several languages. She grew up in a bilingual community and therefore speaks two mother tongues: Slovenian and Hungarian. Later, at university, she studied English and German. With this gift she is hoping to contribute to ISF´s noble causes and to reach out to people across different countries. After completing her studies at university she worked as a teacher but has been working as a librarian for the past 4 years. Her job includes all the things she loves most: books, languages and working with and for people, especially children. She is a passionate cook who is incredibly fond of dolphins and birds. In the summer she loves to hike in the mountains of Austria. Her only children for now are the two adopted bottle-nose dolphins Sonja and Mush, who are happily swimming in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.


Mariana BombonrosaMariana Bombonrosa
Volunteer Community Crews Compliance Specialist  / Video Editor
My name is Mariana Alexandra, known as Bombonrosa (on youtube and some other websites) for my video editing work, (Including my work as a vidder). I’ve been editing for 5 years, (self taught), and I do it because it’s my passion and dream is to work in the filmmaking industry. I’m 22 years old and I live in Mexico. I’m working as a video editor. I studied Mass and Visual Communications (including film-making), at University, and I’ve always been inspired to help spread the word about caring for our planet. In my free time I enjoy to watch movies, editing fan music videos about the things I like the most, spending time with my friends and family, reading, and taking relaxing walks in the park.


Iliana BorisovaIliana Borisova
Volunteer Russian Translations Admin
Iliana was born in Latin America, but now lives in Moscow, Russia. She is an architect and a designer, creating logos and doing web-design. "I have loved nature since the day I was born. It was impossible not to adore the incredible beauty that surrounded me when I was a kid. The Caribbean with its beaches, the jungle, countless beautiful birds and animals... As a child, I used to travel a lot, and was amazed by the various landscapes: oceans, volcanoes, lianas, orchids, and mountains which seemed to be touching the clouds – it looked like a fairy-tale. Sadly, the hectic day-to-day lives that we are leading make us forget that we are an integral part of nature, and that how we treat it will eventually shape the future of ourselves and our children. It was the feeling of unity that immediately attracted me to the ISF, as well as its ideas, its projects, and the road of compassion that the Foundation encourages people to follow. I am thrilled by how this outstanding global family makes people join their efforts in a fight for positive change, and, most importantly, by its work with kids. It's fascinating and incredibly inspiring! Each and every one of us around the world are putting their hands (and their hearts!) together, forming a huge wave that will make the world a better place.


Tatiana BorovkovaTatiana Borovkova
Volunteer Russian Translations Coordinator
Tatiana lives in Voronezh, Russia with her husband. She is a lecturer at Voronezh state university and a translator/interpreter both from English into Russian and vice versa. Her three passions have always been languages (having mastered English, she is currently learning German), American culture (her PhD thesis was focused on Emily Dickinson's poetry) and trying to make the world a better place (which is why she has joined ISF).


Deborah BronnerDeborah Bronner
Volunteer Campaigns Researcher
As a Cherokee Native American I bid you Greetings from the Tennessee Valley where I live at the foot of the Smokey Mountains in the city of Knoxville. I am an educator of 20+ years and specialize in preparing job seekers for the workforce with computer skills for the office environment. I currently attend Walden University where I am completing my dissertation for a Doctoral degree in Higher Education for the Adult Learner and serve as a mentor to first year doctoral students. My previous education was completed at Rutgers University, Camden, NJ, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, TN, and Touro University International, Cypress, CA. Accompanied by a musician from the Knoxville Symphony orchestra, I sing as a soprano soloist of classical and contemporary sacred music in my church and community.


Shahina ButlerShahina Butler
Volunteer College Division Admin
Shahina (pronounced Shay-na) currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia but is originally from Tanzania, East Africa. She received her BA in Psychology from Oglethorpe University and her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago. She has worked in higher education for five years and currently serves as the executive assistant to the Vice President in Development and Alumni Relations at Oglethorpe University where her primary duties involve working with the University's Board of Trustees, event planning, managing relationships, and supporting the Vice President. Prior to that she worked as an independent contractor doing psychological testing for youth and adults. In her down time she enjoys traveling, cooking going to concerts, blogging, and spending time with her husband and son and is expecting a baby girl later this year.



Rose R. ChurchRose R. Church, Esq.
Volunteer Legal Affairs 
Rose has worked as a private practice civil litigator for the last several years concentrating in corporate class action lawsuits and animal law. Rose is currently a corporate attorney who, in her spare time, also serves as the CEO of the World Council for Animal Rights, Inc. - a lawyer-based, non-profit, non-extremist animal rights group which holds and organizes "think-tank" meetings to bring together other non-profit organizations and improve the laws, regulations, and policies which affect the welfare of animals.


Alyson CollAlyson Coll
Volunteer Youth Division Content Coordinator
I currently live in Orlando Florida. I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and at the age of 3 moved to Ontario, Canada. At the age of 11, I moved to Sutton Massachusetts where I graduated High school. I have an associates degree from Dean College and a BA in English Lit from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I love writing anything from articles to poetry. I have been passionate about the environment since I was in elementary school and I have wanted to be involved with ISF since it started. I currently aid the local Sheriff's office in Orlando and in my spare time I market world class organic products for health, beauty, and home. I am very passionate about doing whatever I can for the environment.


Delaine CoppockDelaine Coppock
Volunteer Video And Motion Graphics Producer
Canadian born Delaine grew up raising horses in a small town just outside of Vancouver. She moved to the UK after high school to attend University in Scotland, achieving her BA Honors in Film and Media. This was followed swiftly by a move to Southern England where she obtained her Masters of Television Production at Bournemouth University. From Bournemouth, she moved up to London for a video editing job with an international production company where she stayed for 6 years. Over the years, Delaine has written and produced independent films and worked alongside some of the worlds leading media professionals in London. Delaine now lives in the English countryside with her husband Adam and their beautiful baby girl, Mayuko Joy. In Delaine's mind, we are all responsible for the world we leave behind for today's children. She is a keen advocate of using washable diapers for babies and reducing the massive impact of disposable diapers on landfill. Believing in the power of leading by example, she hopes to make a small difference that could lead to great things.


Filipe CorreiaFilipe Correia
Volunteer Drupal Admin - Portuguese
Filipe was born in 1982 and grew up in Portugal, in a small city, near the mountains, with an harsh and rough climate. He has a Biology degree and has always been a dreamer with bare roots in the ground. He chose his career because it was present in his imaginary the discovery of new and fascinating places and species, like the great David Attenborough. He is a traveller, a wanderer with a backpack, and he enjoys to meet new people and new places, therefore a chance to get conscious of cultures and different ways of thinking. Nowadays his main subject interest is Conservation and Sustainable Development and everything related to it. He also thinks that mankind must work together in order to maintain our ecosystems as untroubled as possible and trying to understand and correct any mistakes that we may have practiced against the environment. Later, in university, he realized that he wasn't made out to do research in an academic career. He worked in the Botanic Garden, of his city, giving guiding tours, that later, in his point of view, evolved to something like a Nature educator. So the dream is getting closer. To upgrade his knowledge he made some vocational training courses in fields related, like sustainable energies, organic agriculture and forest ecology. He did also some things related to audiovisual production. And he believes that he can merge both areas.


Rosa Anna Rita CostanzoRosa Anna Rita Costanzo
Volunteer Italian Translator
Rosanna was born and raised in Naples, Italy. Languages are her passion, that's why she will soon graduate in French, Chinese and English. She works part-time as a administrative secretary and she is also a Chinese private teacher. She loves travelling and discovering our beautiful world, reading (especially English literature), watching ice skating competitions and she adores animals. She has a very special dog named Sheila. She decided to be a part of ISF because she wants to give her small contribution to a big goal!


Zuhal CzuriZuhal Czuri
Volunteer Translator -Turkish
Zuhal currently resides in London, United Kingdom and works as a full time English-Turkish translator. She also lived in İstanbul, Hamburg and London for her studies. She obtained her BA in English Language Teaching and holds TEFL Qualification, German Certificate and a Professional Graduate Diploma in Information Technology. Zuhal is very interested in environmental issues, loves being around nature, reading books, travelling, meeting new people and getting to know other cultures.


Kalie DemoskyKalie Demosky
Volunteer Community Crews Editor/Writer
Kalie Demosky resides in Athens, Ohio as the Volunteer Editor for the IS Foundation. She attended Ohio University as an English major and has always had a passion for the planet and its inhabitants. She is a wife and the mother of a one year old baby girl whom both make her world revolve. She stands firmly by the famous Mahatma Gandhi quote: "the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."


Michelle DimechMichelle Dimech
Volunteer Youth Division Manager’s Assistant
Michelle was born in Scotland and currently resides in Toronto with her Husband Robert and 3 boys. She is a home stager and full time Mom to Nathan, Nicholas and Noah. She studied English at York University and decided to go into home design. Her love for her kids has brought her to ISF. She teaches them to appreciate all living things and their environment. Michelle started with ISF to make a difference every day, she loves life. She is passionate about helping others achieve what they want in life. In her rare spare time, she enjoys camping with her family in the great outdoors and getting comfy with a great book.


Amber DavisAmber Davis
Volunteer PR/Marketing Specialist 
Amber was born in Florida but was raised in Georgia. She currently lives in east Atlanta and attends Georgia State University as a full time student working towards a B.A. in public relations with a minor in non-profit leadership. Since Amber was a child, the foundation of helping and giving to others has been instilled in her. She has spent most of her life volunteering and organizing local charity events alongside her mother for various causes. Amber is the co-founder of Scream for a Dream and has a strong passion for animal rights. She has been a vegetarian for 3 years. She believes that ISF’s appreciation and love for all animals is nothing short of motivation for her work hard with the youth to make a change. Amber believes that all animals deserve a voice and our generation is that voice. “To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success.” Henry Ford


Elaine DeSimoneElaine DeSimone
Volunteer Creatures Division Content Coordinator / Fundraiser
Born in Cincinnati, Elaine grew up in Florida and now lives in Atlanta. She earned her B.A. in magazine journalism from the University of South Florida and worked in magazine publishing, proposal writing, and communications before taking her most important job—mom to Dylan and Tessa. Elaine is now learning guitar and songwriting, and loves music and art. As a mom, she realizes teaching children how to care for the earth and its creatures is the best way to make an impact on our environment. Her recent adoption of puppy Charlotte also reminded her how much joy animals bring to our lives.


Popi DoukakisPopi Doukakis
Volunteer Fundraiser
I am from Melbourne, Australia. I grew up loving animals and made it my life’s mission to save as many as I could during the course of my life. I have looked after them, nursed them back to health and then placed them with loving families. I went through life doing exactly what I believed until I started asking myself that burning question “Am I doing enough?” Years later, just when I thought I couldn’t do anymore, I discovered ISF who is doing so many wonderful things with our youth of today, wild life, ocean life, protecting animals as well as all the environmental and global issues that we now face. I wanted to be a part of all that, so here I am.


Nicolas EarlNicolas Earl
Volunteer Editor
Nicolas Earl- a gentleman scholar, skilled at secondary sentence-shaping ("editing"). Enjoys botany, coffee and depressing cinema; hates wasps, Nazis and Oxford Commas. Currently attends Seattle University.


Christina EvolaChristina Evola
Volunteer Manager of Legal Affairs
Christina earned her J.D. from the University Of San Diego School Of Law and works on corporate class actions with some of the nation’s leading antitrust and consumer protection firms. She has authored an ASCAP award winning copyright law article and is the cofounder of an ABA listed legal “blawg.” Before attending Law School, she worked as an U.S.F.W.S. approved Mojave Desert tortoise monitor after acquiring a B.S. in Integrative and Organismal Biology, a B.A. in Psychology, and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In addition to her academic and professional accomplishments, she has danced with San Diego Ballet, constructs/designs costumes, studies martial arts, practices yoga, and has been a raw vegan since 2008. She lives with her husband and Boston Terrier in sunny San Diego, CA. She looks forward to strategizing with the ISF team to creatively effectuate positive change relating to the environment and animals.


Amanda FinchamAmanda Fincham
Volunteer Donor Relations 
Amanda currently lives in Orlando, Florida. She was born and went to High School in Winchester, Virginia. She has an Associate Degree from Palm Beach Community College. She currently works for Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando and spends a lot of time volunteering with various organizations. She loves animals, meeting new people, sci-fi, movies and shopping. Amanda’s family consists of a teenage son, and two adorable kitty cats.


Paola ForcelliniPaola Forcellini
Volunteer Translator - Italian 
Paola lives in north-eastern Italy in a little town among the Dolomites Mountains , a couple of hours north of Venice. She enjoys the beauty of her native area and considers herself a globe-trotter. She has been lucky enough to travel since she was a child. She is passionate about languages, both modern and ancient. She wishes she could speak them all, dialects included! She mainly works as a translator from English and Spanish to Italian. In particular, she worked for two years for an American TV channel dealing with environmental and social issues. Sometimes, she is also involved in jobs related to tourism and cultural events. As far as her hobbies are concerned, she loves books, the movies, theatre, the arts, and, of course, animals and nature. She has been a member of several environmental associations since when she attended primary school, and she tries to live ecologically as much as she can. She thinks it is really amazing when animals approach her without any fear, as if they could feel her love for them! She will never stop being grateful to ISF for what they have done so far and for all the opportunities they gave to her and many other people!


Patricia FreesePatricia Freese
Volunteer Volunteer Translator - German
Born in Germany’s capital city Berlin, Patricia moved at an early age to Western Germany and grew up in a beautiful countryside. She is currently a student of English Language, Linguistics, and Literature and German as a Foreign Language. Animals have always been her weakness, as well as books, without which she can no longer imagine her life. She also enjoys painting, especially portraits, and is always interested in trying out new things. Her family and friends are important to her, and she tries to follow her mother’s lead to always fight for what you hold dear. Patricia loves to help other people and to see what they can achieve if they work together because the most beautiful things can result out of this, true to the motto: “The sky is the limit.”


Megan FrisonMegan Frison
Volunteer Creatures Division Content Coordinator
I am an animal fanatic who hopes to help change the world one day at a time. I work as a high school history and English teacher and love helping kids become the amazing people they were intended to be. My life is simple but is greatly enhanced by my canine companion. My only child is my furry best friend, my flat-coat retriever, Achilles. I write articles for the Creatures Division and I am passionate about helping protect and save all living creatures and doing my part to create a sustainable earth.


Lexie GersonLexie Gerson
College Division - College Crews Advisor
Lexie lives in Boynton Beach, FL. She is currently a college student in North Carolina majoring in Non Profit Leadership and Management. Lexie is the first college student to successfully establish an ISF organization at her university. With all of her enthusiasm, Lexie remains fully committed to educating others on how to get involved and make a greater change for our planet. She loves music, photography and traveling globally. Lexie looks forward to working with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for many more years and cannot wait to be a part of the foundation’s promising future.  “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi


Daniela GomezDaniela Gomez
Volunteer Graphic Artist and Animator
Daniela is a 24 year old graphic designer from Colombia. There is a lot of cruelty against animals in Colombia and few people do something about it. That’s why Daniela is so committed to protect and help animals. She is a owner of 5 adopted cats and is constantly sterilizing street cats and giving them in adoption when it is possible. She loves animation and thinks that the answer for animal cruelty and protecting the world, its in children's hands. - “If we teach them to do so when they are little, they will save this world from violence and destruction.”


Shwetha GopalanShwetha Gopalan
Volunteer IT Support
Shwetha is an animal lover by blood and a humanitarian by birth. She has a Masters degree in Computer Science from UT Dallas and loves technology. She is currently into app development and loves combining work and fun. She comes from India and is constantly trying to incorporate new culture and values into everything she does. She loves dancing, singing and writing poetry. She would love to have a dog as a pet someday as she believes there's beauty in everything one sees and does.


Pauline GrendenaPauline Grendena
Volunteer Community Crews Compliance Specialist / Graphic Designer
Pauline was born on April 1983, in Brittany, France. Because she grew up where the Amoco Cadiz ran aground in 1978 and polluted Brittany’s shoreline, Pauline has always been very concerned by the environment and animal welfare. Her love for movies led her to study at a cinema school 3 years before moving to Paris. Curious to learn new things, she started graphic design a year ago and actually split her time between designing and working as an assistant director. Pauline loves playing with her dog and hanging out with her friends. She’s currently living in a city near Paris with her husband and their dog Indiana.


Siun GriffinSiún Griffin
Volunteer Youth Division Content Coordinator 
Born in Connecticut, Siún spent her life living in the US, Ireland, France and is now in London. Her passion for animals began well before she can remember. She spent every spare second around horses, on horses or travelling with horses along the US East Coast to horse shows, not your 'regular' childhood, but still amazing. Siún isn't a one trick pony though, her other passions include photography, writing and the environment. She also loves history so much she studied it along with Philosophy at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.


Katie GuentherKatie Guenther
Volunteer Youth Division GenISF Crew Project Asst
Katie lives in the suburbs of the windy city: Chicago, IL. She loves hiking, camping, playing the piano, dancing, and cheerleading. However, when she can't do those activities, she loves to read, write, and watch TV. Her favorite place in the world is a river that she goes camping at every year with her family. She believes everyone should go outside and experience the outdoors. That is where she fell in love with nature and she believes you will too! In the future she wants to pursue either Environmental Education with an emphasis in Environmental Education or Forensic Nursing. Katie loves working with kids, which is partly why she chose to volunteer with ISF. She grew up in a very environmental household so she knows how to make these issues fun for kids to learn about. No matter whether or not she pursues environmental education as a career; she wants to see environmental education implemented into the school curriculum. Kids- I want to change the world through education with YOU!


Céline GuervilleCéline Guerville
Volunteer French Translation Coordinator
Céline was born in the North of France. Living in the countriside, she has always lived with animals (dogs, cats, hens, ducks, goats, geese, etc). She graduated in english studies and passed a master in American History, Literature and Politics both in France and in the USA (Maryland). Back to France she got married and is now the happy mother of 2 wonderful boys, a dogue of Bordeaux and a cat. During her free time, she gardens in her organic vegetable garden, walks in the countryside with her family and translates for ISF. She teaches english at University, and debating with her student about environment she heard about the ISF. Since she loves Mother Earth and all her children, and because one of our mission is to work with our youth, she decided to join the ISF family. Her goal is to help others to BE the CHANGE and save the world one person at a time.p>


Elaine HaasElaine Haas
Elaine Haas has a music and design background. She is the mother of two children. Elaine is a supporter of everything ISF and assists in projects for the kids. She also is the overseer of all that is Devon Haas, which is a full time job.


Veronica HamptonVeronica Hampton
Assistant to Board Secretary
Veronica earned her BFA in Dance with an emphasis on performance and choreography from Arizona State University. After spending 13 years in the professional dance world, she transitioned into being an administrative assistant, which she loves. In her spare time, you will find Veronica riding her bike, sharing wine and conversation with those she loves and always with her rescue dogs (Gizmo, Clover, Minnow, Mitzi and Tiger). All her volunteer work is dedicated to her first rescue, a puggle named Rocky Balboa.


Khristina HaynesKhristina Helmich
Volunteer Graphic Designer
Born and raised in a small town in Central Illinois, Khristina moved to Virginia to pursue her college education. She also spent one semester studying abroad in Sunderland, England. She recently graduated from Liberty University of Virginia with a B.S. in Graphic Design. Whether she is designing, writing, or photographing, she has a passion for being creative and letting it shine through her work. After volunteering her design work for Big Brothers Big Sisters for the past two years, Khristina decided to branch out and do more volunteer services. She is a world-traveling, animal-loving, artist, designer, wife, and servant of God.


Emily HiggsEmily Higgs
Volunteer Division Co-Coordinator – Creatures Division
Growing up in a small town, Emily knew there was more to this world than what she saw. Having been around animals her whole life, she knew her heart needed a bigger world. Helping domesticated and wild animals for years, she found her calling with ISF - who not only helps the animals, but the world we all call home. She is going greener every day, helping those around her know why it's important to do so, being the voice to those who can not speak, and waiting to travel the world to seek out help for those who need it most.


Natalie HolterNatalie Holter
Volunteer Youth Division Specialist
Natalie, a Florida native, focuses on education in both her professional and service careers. She has been teaching at both the high school and collegiate level for more than ten years, and advocates most strongly for children, animals, and the elderly, because those three groups are least able to defend themselves.


Minoo HosseiniMinoo Hosseini
Volunteer Legal Affairs
Minoo was born in Lafayette, Louisiana but raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently enrolled in law school at Georgia State College of Law. Minoo has been working for non-profits for 10 years. She loves working with animals and children and she hopes that she can help make positive changes through working with ISF.


Jennifer Jill JonesJennifer Jill Jones
Volunteer Sponsorships Specialist
Jenn was born in Columbus, OH but raised in “many” cities throughout FL. Most of her growing up was in Miami with her mom, younger brother and Nana. During Jenn’s childhood, she was always surrounded by all types of animals. She now lives in beautiful Canton, GA with her 6-year-old cat Bianca. “I would have to say my greatest achievement at this point was raising my cat Cookie. She was adopted when I was 11 yrs. old and she lived until I was 35 yrs. old! Who would have ever guessed that a regular tabby cat adopted at a shelter in Ft. Myers, FL would have lived that long?”


Darcie JoliffDarcie
Volunteer Editor/Sponsorships/Special Events 
Darcie was born in Southern California. She graduated with a B.A. in English. Darcie worked at a private non-profit high school for 7 years and has gained extensive experience working in the non-profit arena. She is passionate about helping people realize their full potential, especially kids and teens. "I believe that everyone has a definite purpose in this life and has the ability to do great things." Among her favorite aspects of volunteering for ISF is the family atmosphere among volunteers and supporters. She loves the fact that everyone is dedicated to working towards a shared vision and believes that through positive collaboration, anything is possible. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead


Danijela JovicDanijela Jovic
Volunteer Graphic Designer
Dannie, a photographer and graphic designer based in Vienna, is a creative optimist who loves to go through life with a smile on her face. Because of her cheerful inner being, it's important for her to infect other people with her optimism and good mood. Photography and graphic design are her ways to share her feelings and creativity with the world. Dannie believes that people have the power to change everything they want, as long as they decide to take the first step towards their own goals.


Amanda KaminskiAmanda Kaminski
Volunteer Division Co-Coordinator – Creatures Division
Amanda Kaminski joined ISF as a volunteer coordinator before moving into her current position as the division coordinator for the creatures division. A resident of Oak Park, Illinois, Amanda is a licensed social worker with a Master degree is clinical social work, and currently works with children with developmental delays and their families. Amanda is a vegan, and has been the proud “mother” of Bradley Nowell, a hinged-back tortoise, for the past thirteen years. She loves the beach, being in the ocean, and Conan O’Brien.


Marina KaminskiMarina Kaminski
Volunteer Youth Division Content Coordinator 
Marina, a PA native who currently resides in NC, has a BS in Marketing from Penn State University. Initially, she was in management and advertising but later switched to technical sales, specifically, fiber optics. Through her volunteer work in elementary schools, she has implemented various academic and social activities. Recently, she was dedicated to coaching for Spelling Bees and Science Olympiads. She enjoys helping the environment, watching movies, traveling and party planning.



Dina KhayalDina Khayal
Volunteer Community Crews Specialist

Dina lives in Dallas, TX. She attends the University of Texas at Dallas and is working on her Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Dina is currently a blogger for the Huffington Post. She is passionate about empowering others through her writing and works in environmentalism. She is excited to be apart of such an extraordinary foundation with other enthusiastic and loving people who hold similar values and beliefs. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading novels, traveling, and being immersed with nature and its wildlife. She is driven to empower others across the world to join the ISF movement, and help make a difference. We can do great things if we have the courage and motivation necessary to make that happen, and together we can work towards a greener, and brighter future for our generation and the generations to come. Because "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do"–Steve Jobs.




Steffi KothSteffi Koth
Volunteer Admin for German Translations Team
I’m a mom of a 5 year old boy and 8 year old girl. I live in a small town in Germany near the Baltic Sea. Since finishing my apprenticeship. I work in a tax office as a secretary. My Kids are my daily inspiration and the most important people in my life. They are growing up with the knowledge that our earth is unique and together we all must protect it. Besides my aquarium, reading and taking photos, I love spending as much time as possible with family and friends. "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller


Inna Kovalenko Inna Kovalenko
Volunteer Russian Translator
I’m from beautiful city of Kyiv, Ukraine, where I live with my husband, 10-years old daughter, an Irish setter dog and a cat. I have been passionate about the environment and nature since I was a schoolgirl. I had a childhood dream of being a biologist, study ing wild life and protecting nature, but instead I obtained my Master’s Degree in Linguistics. Literature and the power of word became my second passion. My desire to do something about saving the beauty of our planet for the next generations is what led me to ISF. I’m proud to be a part of the team, to be among the amazing people from all over the world united by one common idea and committed to making positive changes.


Nina KretovaNina Kretova
Volunteer Translator - Russian
Nina lives in the beautiful city of Moscow, Russia. She is an English teacher and an interpreter/translator with a degree in Linguistics. She speaks three languages - English, Spanish and Russian - and hopes to learn Italian and French in near future. While working as a translator, she’s had to translate a lot of articles and materials about our environment, ecology and endangered animals. It was very interesting and life changing for her. When she heard about ISF and its goals she decided to join this amazing and inspiring team to use her skills as a translator to help spread the word about how we can make a difference and make our planet a better place. When she has free time, she spends it with her amazing dog, Love, with her family and friends, dancing, singing and doing yoga.


Desirai LabradaDesirai Labrada
Volunteer Graphic Designer
Desirai Labrada is a Graphic Designer specializing in web design and social media. Desirai teaches Digital Literacy at a university in Orlando, FL while working towards a Master of Fine Arts degree in Media Design, and runs her own design business. In addition to being a technology enthusiast, she is an experienced blogger and podcaster in the gaming world. Her ability to be creative and think outside of the box helps develop long lasting relationships and notoriety in both the design and gaming industry. In her spare time she enjoys networking through social media, playing video games on a variety of consoles, and engaging in a myriad of arts and crafts. She shares her Orlando home with her extended family of 4 cats, 1 dog, and a ferret.


Sandra Lang<Sandra Lang
Volunteer IT Support
Sandra lives in Austria and is a Computer Scientist. She works at the University of Technology Graz as a Research and Development Engineer. Sandra loves to connect with people as well as analyze problems and find creative solutions. She loves working towards what she believes in even if it takes all night (as long as there is enough coffee). The most important things to life for Sandra are her family, nature, laughing and having an open heart.


Catie LicalziCatie Licalzi
Volunteer Creatures Division Content Coordinator
I have been actively involved with non-profits for years and always knew this was my calling. My passion for animal welfare started when I worked at a high-kill shelter for a summer as part of a paid internship where we were placed in non-profits throughout Houston. Seeing the sheer volume of animals coming in, being euthanized, or mistreated really opened my eyes to the problems our community was facing and encouraged me to do something. As a teacher, I truly believe Education is key and enjoy working with people of all ages, although most of my experience has been in pre-k through high school. I have a special place in my heart for the misrepresented breeds and am a member of Texas Humane Legislation Network, Last Hope Doberman Rescue, was deployed by the ASPCA to help with the disaster in Joplin last year, and am in the beginning stages of starting an education/animal related non-profit. I also work for a non-profit that focuses on early intervention literacy for at-risk youth. I hope to help continue to change the complacent or negative attitudes toward animals and encourage people to get up and do something positive in their community!


Krista LirscherKrista Lirscher
Volunteer Translator - German
Born and raised in the beautiful Austrian countryside, Krista is currently living in Austria’s capital city, Vienna, where she is studying German – English – Chinese Translating and Interpreting. When she is not trying to master Chinese or stuck with her nose in a book, she can be found playing the saxophone in various bands. Since travelling the world in 2009 and having spent some time in New Zealand and China, she gets a bit antsy when she doesn’t have plans to travel somewhere. Sadly, at the moment she is much too busy with studying and travelling, to enjoy one of her other favourite past times, horse riding.


Ashley LoudanAshley Loudan
Volunteer Environment Division Editor
Ashley was born and raised in Martinsburg, West Virginia and is a graduate of Shepherd University with a BA in English and Creative Writing. She was inspired to learn more about the environment after reading an essay written by the late River Phoenix, an actor, animal activist, and environmentalist. Not long after that, the events of the BP Oil Spill unfolded. Seeing the heart-breaking devastation in oil-drenched images was all it took to spark an interest in learning more about environmentalism and to understand just how important the planet is. During her last semester in college, Ashley was inspired to further develop her interests by creating a unique project about the Keystone XL Pipeline with the help of an amazing mentor, Dr. Christy Wenger. After graduating, Ashley is now humbled and honored to become part of the ISF family. She hopes to travel the world, write a few novels, generate positive changes in the environment, and encourage others to become more involved in making a difference for the sake of a more sustainable planet.



Jessica LoweryJessica Lowery
Jessica Lowery has been happily to Travis for 16+ years and is the mother of 2 teenagers. Jessica was asked to join The Ian Somerhalder foundation from the beginning and will always be thankful that Ian and Kim trusted her enough to join the ISF family. Ian has given Jessica a platform to show her children, as well as anyone else willing to listen, that we are all capable of making a change in this world by stepping up and doing anything we can rather than sitting by and waiting for others to do something. Jessica has always felt strongly and has no problem stating LOUDLY that its never OK to sit by and do nothing. It’s our job to have a positive impact on someone each and every day. Jessica owns Mystic Falls Tours and is always busy providing everyone the chance to visit the home of The Vampire Diaries and maybe even see some filming. She also works with Scream for A dream and can be heard live daily on The VRO. Jessica loves animals and has 4 cats and 2 dogs that are all spoiled rotten. Her dream is that every animal would have a loving home, food and water. Her hopes are that one day, she can help therapy animals and maybe end up back in the classroom bringing these animals to enrich the lives of special needs children and adults.


Lina LutsenkoLina Lutsenko
Volunteer Translator - Russian / Social Media
Lina lives in Moscow, Russia and has a Master’s degree in Linguistics and Translation (English, German, Spanish). She’s a master of sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics, and now she’s finally pursuing her other all-time passion – acting! She’s always loved animals, especially cats and horses and she’d really love to do something about the animal abuse both here in Russia and worldwide. She’s proud to be a part of ISF team cause she believes that even the smallest contribution might be what will make all the difference in the long run! "Ever notice that “what the hell” is always the right decision?" Marylin Monroe


Heather McCorkleHeather McCorkle
Volunteer Environment Division Content Coordinator / Social Media
Having been born and raised in the Great Northwest, loving animals and the outdoors came naturally to Heather. It has always been a deep-rooted desire of hers to save animals and make the world a greener place. As a teen, she volunteered to assist teaching women's self-defense classes and later served three years as a volunteer Reserve Police Officer. Heather is now an author of fiction for both adults and young adults who enjoys helping other writers, supporting fabulous authors, and donating her time to the IS Foundation as the Environmental Division Content Coordinator.


Cassia MaffeiCássia Maffei
Volunteer Youth Division Social Media / GenISF Crew Support
Cássia is a 20-year-old Brazilian - currently living in Brazil - trying to embrace the world. She is studying to be journalist, is a ballerina and dance teacher during her free time, a compulsive reader, loves movies and has enough will to change the world, one person at a time.


Valentina MancaValentina Manca
Volunteer ISF Italian Translations Coordinator
Valentina was born in Sardinia but studied in Bolonia and Spain. Now, she is living in Sardinia with her two dogs, three cats and three turtles. She has been in love with cats since she can remember and if she could, she would adopt all the abandoned cats. She is passionate about animals and the environment; she feels that the Earth and its creatures are an amazing treasure we must respect and protect, so she decided to use her experience as a translator in order to sensitize people to the dangers threatening the environment.


Aline MarcolanAline Marcolan
Volunteer Translator - Portuguese
Born and raised in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Aline grew up around parks, animals and people from all around the world. Aline loves traveling and exploring different cultures. Playing tennis since 8 years old allowed her to move to South Carolina and play for Anderson University where she graduated with a BA in arts, majoring in Graphic Design. Since then, she came back to Brazil and is currently on her fifth year of Medical School. Aline loves to help others and believes there is no limits when people come together with one single goal.


Michelle MaritzMichelle Maritz
Volunteer HR/Operations Admin and Graphic Designer
Michelle studied psychology and criminology but ended up doing graphic design. She lives in South Africa with her husband and teenage daughter and feels passionate about changing the way we live and treat our planet. Michelle loves movies, especially the scary ones, laughs a lot, recycles everything, and most days you will find her in front of my laptop doing some sort of design or research project. Her goal is to drive less like a maniac.


Letitia MilevskiyLetitia Milevskiy
Volunteer ISF Social Media 
Originally from Far North Queensland, Australia Letitia grew up with the World Heritage Rainforest & the Great Barrier Reef in her backyard. From an early age she developed respect for the environment and all living creatures. After completing high school and a degree in Information Technology, she moved to the US for an adventure & found herself at Roanoke College completing another degree in Exercise Science. Today Letitia is working in the technology industry as an Academic Technology Specialist in Cambridge MA. When not busy on the computer she can be found creating quilts, baking cakes, coaching or at a concert.


Vladimir MishchenkoVladimir Mishchenko
Volunteer Translator - Russian
Vladimir was born and grew up on the Pacific coast in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii on Peninsula of Kamchatka - one of the most beautiful places in Russia. He graduated from the Saratov State University, Law and Foreign Languages Department. He is a lawyer in Private International Law and a Russian-English translator. He also has a Masters degree from the University of Manchester (LLM in International Business Law). Vladimir now lives in Moscow. His favorite thing is traveling all over the world, seeing popular and hidden places, and very different cultures and people. I hope my skills and experience could be helpful for ISF mission.


Katie MobleyKatie Mobley
Volunteer Youth Division Admin, ISF Social Media, and Photographer
Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto, Katie moved to the US at the age of 10 and now resides in Southeast Michigan. Katie is a photographer and mom to 2 young kids. After spending most of her college years studying accounting, she decided that life was too short and wanted to do something that she loved. She believes photos are the best way to view the world and can tell an amazing story. Katie has always been a lover of our planet, nature and all its creatures, big and small. After having kids, she decided that she wanted to set a better example for them and make sure that they have a future on our planet. "I'm willing to do whatever I can to get the word out and help people understand that even a small change can make a big difference.”


Corinne MortonCorinne Morton
Volunteer Educators Blogger
My college-aged son, husband and I, along with our two dogs, two cats and several chickens, live in the lovely Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York. I have been working as a Middle School Science and Humane Education teacher for the past 15 years. Prior to this, I was an Environmental Educator and Naturalist in Vermont and also worked for the NY State Bald Eagle Restoration Program. I enjoy nature photography and being a voice for animals, teaching compassion and empathy for all creatures on earth.


Dana Mueller Dana  Müller
Volunteer Admin - German
Dana lives in Germany and is the mother of a wonderful toddler. She is a biological-technical assistant on parental leave, loves music, animals and always eats her dessert first (because everyone knows that’s the best part of the meal). She is interested in making a change and making this world a better place for everyone of us. She wants her daughter and every other child in this world to have nature, to know that there is still rain forests to see and that there are still people caring about our earth and its residents.


Christine MunsonChristine Munson
Volunteer IT Support
Christine grew up in Fairfax, Virginia just outside Washington D.C and has lived in the Long Island City, Queens area of New York City for 13 years. She has a degree in Computer Science and works developing software for an international company that lowers the carbon footprint of the company.Christine has been interested in renewable energy resources, living green and animal welfare since moving to NYC. She loves dogs and cats and is fostering a beautiful, energetic little black bombay cat named Bug for his big round eyes. Christine is looking forward to helping ISF with their technology needs and development.


Carrie MurphyCarrie Murphy
Volunteer Fundraiser
Known as a fundraising Pitbull with the heart of a Lab, Carrie offers five years of aggressive Canadian fundraising experience in education and health. Her pedigree ensures innovative programming for leading foundations is consistently delivered. Carrie owns a python named Mulligan, based on his second chance of life in her care. She owned a budgie named Birdie, based on her golfing performance and will be naming her new Boxer – Bogey. When it comes to love, Carrie is paramount. When it comes to business, Carrie is a scratch golfer. When it comes to fundraising, Carrie is adamant all animals, from all walks, crawls and slithers of life live the lives they deserve – in all terrariums, aquariums and homes across the globe. If you want a hardcore, heavy-lifting, super serious, loving, caring, loyal Wildebeest of a teammate – you want Carrie on your side.


Ana NeroskyAna Nerosky
Volunteer Translator - Portuguese
Ana Nerosky lives in Brasilia, capitol of Brazil, center of political decisions (National Congress). Working as a Lawyer back home, she developed a big passion for helping others. She believes that by giving yourself to a cause, someone can change themselves and their surroundings. At the age of 16, she lived with an outstanding American Family that taught her that different cultures can unite, grow and transform someone into a citizen of the world. Nevertheless, it was when she became a mom that she took special interest in child protection and development, youth and environment. For her, these are the most important matters someone can advocate for.



Julie NicoliniJulie Nicolini
Volunteer Translator - French
I grew up in the south of France, near Marseille, in a loving home. I’ve been in love with books, stories and films for my entire life. I love the dream that imaginary stories can create in your mind. I spend much of my free time writing, reading and drawing… getting creative in any way possible. I am also an animal lover and an Earth lover with all the treasures it can offer. I spent most of the last 5 years travelling and getting to know different people and their customs. This is how I started to realise what a wonderful world we live in. I am a student right now, working in advertising and visual communication and my goal is to become a web designer/computer graphic artist. The more I get to know things about the world, the more I become militant for vegetarianism, animals conditions, environment and pollution. Joining ISF Team is an honor and a great way for me to spread the word about what is going on with the world to my fellow Frenchmen and women who don’t speak English.


Whitney NortonWhitney Norton
Volunteer Writer - Grants and PR/Marketing
Whitney is a true Floridian, born and raised, and is currently living in Orlando, Florida. She works full time as a copywriter and in her spare time you can find her spending quality time with her two goofy dogs (a Pit Bull named Haylee and a Boxer mix named Dixie), blending in with the stacks of books at the local Barnes N Noble, enjoying the serenade of live music, writing the next chapter in her current masterpiece, being crafty with the love of her life, advocating for misunderstood dog breeds, networking for homeless dogs, or blogging about life’s crazy experiences. If you need some soccer pointers or workout routines, she’s got the certifications. Always looking for ways to help the people and animals of the world, she leads life with her heart and holds on tight for the ride.


Christine O'SullivanChristine O’Sullivan
Volunteer Sponsorships Specialist
Originally from New York, Christine currently resides just south of “Hotlanta” in Newnan, GA. She has worked in the Aviation Industry for over 14 years in Maintenance Operations/Planning. Christine also is a co-founder of a 501c3 non-profit for Leukemia and other Blood Cancers. She loves working with non-profits and would do it every day, all day if possible. Christine is a certified Event Planner, and loves to travel as much as possible.


Sara OcchipintiSara Occhipinti
Volunteer Translations Project Manager and Spanish Coordinator 
Sara's life has always been global: she's Italian but was born in Somalia, grew up in Spain, and has studied and lived in France, the UK, Switzerland, the USA, Romania and Germany. Now she lives and works in Brussels as a conference interpreter. She's convinced we are all interconnected, and since our actions have consequences we should all take care of each other and our Earth. But in order to care, we must understand, to understand we must know, and to know we need to communicate and share information. That is what she strives for each day: to help and facilitate communication, to draw people closer overthrowing the language/cultural barriers in order to spread the knowledge that will eventually lead to action and care. In her spare time she travels, plays the piano and takes care of Miércoles, her lovely and slightly overweight cat.


Chelsea PabonChelsea L. Pabon
Volunteer Blogs Coordinator
Chelsea is a recent graduate from Fairfield University in Connecticut where she majored in Communication, with a double concentration in Media Studies and Human Condition. Throughout her collegiate career she wrote for her university newspaper, managed the Communication club on campus, interned with NBCUniversal, and much more. She now hopes to utilize her education, in conjunction with her love for science and film, for a position in media production or non-profit organizations. In her spare time she enjoys reading, tweeting, and finding new music artists.


Jennifer Palmatier Jennifer Palmatier
Volunteer Legal Affairs
In 2006, Jennifer moved from a cozy and scenic town in NY to Washington, D.C. to attend American University. She went on to receive her masters in International Law from George Washington University with paralegal certification. The instinct to be a steward of our Earth has been a part of Jennifer since she was a little girl. At the age of 9, she wrote to the mayor of her town to ask him to clean up the trash on the sides of the road at the local park. Jennifer strongly believes in grassroots efforts because there is too much in the world and in our political systems that is broken. “I am so excited to be a part of this bold, world-changing team. We can do this! Will you be bold with us?”


Amaya Perez Amaya Perez
Program Services Project Coordinator / Admin for Spanish Translations Team
Amaya has been in love with animals and nature since she can remember. Although she has a Masters in engineering, her love of animals has guided her life on a different path. Amaya moved to the US in 2001 from her native Spain and soon after started working with the only flying mammal, bats! She also began her volunteering career at Washington DC's Smithsonian National Zoological Park where she helps take care of multiple species, most of which are endangered in their natural habitats. She was known as "the bat lady" for over 6 years at which point her life took yet another turn as she became a stay at home mom to her children. Amaya now spends her time using nature, play and crafts to teach her children, taking care of multiple furry, slimy and scaly friends, volunteering at her kids' schools, blogging, working as a part-time pre-k and elementary teacher, and also doing some hourly graphic design and web work.


Vivian Perkins Vivian Perkins
Volunteer Donor Relations Coordinator
I am a Louisiana girl that ventured off to the Mountains for a while but just made it back. My passions are travel, animals, and art. I have 2 furry felines Coco and Sazerac. I'm a take charge, meet any challenge head on kind of girl. I'm comfortable in stilettos or hiking boots and I'm down for a trip that requires either anytime. I have a Bachelors degree in Hospitality, Management, and Tourism and have spent the last 10 years working in outside Sales. I believe we are all interdependent and that every voice, no matter how small, matters.



Audrey RobinetAudrey Robinet
Volunteer French Translator
Audrey lives in Brussels, Belgium. She is passionate about animals and the environment. She is convinced that we are all interconnected on this Earth and therefore everyone should act responsibly in order to make it better. The future is now. She owns two horses: both were supposed to end up at the slaughter house. They are now spoiled rotten and enjoy a problem-free life. She has another companion: her crazy little overweight cat, who rules the home. She is also a huge fan of sports... tennis particularly. Roger Federer is another big inspiration for her because of his personality on and off court. By joining ISF, she hopes to contribute to change people’s minds.


Tracey RomeroTracey Romero
Volunteer Youth Division Content Coordinator / Social Media
Tracey is a mother of four, a teacher and writer. She has worked in public relations, journalism and education. Her dream is to combine her love of writing with her desire to make positive change in the world. In high school, she was nicknamed “Nature Girl” by friends because of her passion for animals and saving the environment.


Lucilia SantosLucilia Santos
Volunteer Legal Affairs
Lucilia was born in Portugal in a small village with a dog, rabbits and ducks for pets. She moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of 5, where she has lived ever since. She graduated from the University of Montreal Law School in 1999 and has been practicing family law for more than 12 years. She has been volunteering since her early teens, and has always been particularly drawn to working with youth, in education, in politics, and for the environment. She has always had a strong sense of justice and powerful feelings of compassion, and firmly believes in standing up for what she feels is right. One of her favorite sayings for all situations is that "knowledge is power". Lucilia is very passionate about all creatures sharing this beautiful planet we call Earth, and wants to ensure that generations to come will have the same chance to be amazed by its beauty and diversity as we do today. When she is not working, attending music concerts, or volunteering, she loves to plan dinners and events with friends, traveling and reading. Lucilia is extremely honored and proud to work with ISF and is excited about the prospect of changing the world, because together, anything is possible!


Stefanie SchmidtStefanie Schmidt
Volunteer Creatures Content Coordinator
Stefanie currently resides in Las Vegas, NV where she works as a marine biologist at a local aquarium educating others about marine life, conservation and helping with the care of the aquarium's resident bottlenose dolphins. She graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a BS in Marine Biology and has a huge passion for the oceans, the environment, and helping others learn what they can do to help the planet. When she's not working, she loves surfing, swimming, spending time at the beach, hanging out with her cats Ariel and Simba and watching hockey. She's really excited to be part of the ISF team and to help in the efforts to protect the environment and its creatures.


Denise SchreierDenise Schreier
Volunteer Translator - German
Denise was born and raised in the beautiful city of Dresden, Germany, but moved to the United States in 2007. She is currently a college student in Seattle, Washington majoring in Business, and specializing in Human Resources Management. She has been living with animals her whole life and is sharing a home with her incredible supportive host family and their two cats – Franny and Leo. Denise loves spending time with her friends and family, reading books, exercising and doing yoga. She has always believed in John F. Kennedy’s quote - “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try it.” Trying to positively impact our world and its species is what ISF stands for, which is why Denise has joined the foundation. She wants people to know that every living organism is worth fighting for. Creatures on this planet have a voice, and it’s our job to listen to them and make our world a better place.


Maria SchuckliesMaria Schucklies
Volunteer for Design, Art and Photography
"All things are possible for one who believes (Mark 9:23)." Maria is a 24 years old theological student who was born near Berlin, Germany. She is momentarily living on Germany's north coast in a nice little town called Greifswald. Maria loves traveling all around the world to see all the wonders of this amazing planet. She has led creative and theatre groups in her church and also a choir and a journal on her university. Furthermore, she is the administrator and designer of some German online communities. She believes in the strength people can generate by working together for a common vision. Maria loves to help other people and to be creative in nearly every way – so ISF is the perfect place to be for her. It kind fascinates her how powerful and peaceful people can pull together worldwide, so she is really happy to be a part of this.


Lauren SchultzLauren Schultz
Volunteer Legal Affairs
Lauren lives with her wonderful husband, two dogs and cat in Centerville, GA. She has a BA in Business and Economics and is now attending Mercer University George F. Walter School of Law in Macon, Georgia. In addition, she volunteers and the local District Attorney’s office and is the Key Spouse for her husband’s military unit. Now, Lauren wishes to combine her passion of the law and love of animals in assisting ISF. She also loves traveling, cooking and entertaining.


Christine ShowellChristine Showell
Volunteer Community Crews Admin / Graphic Designer
Christine lives in Alberta Canada and works at the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations. She is in school taking Nonprofit Management and hopes to achieve a successful career in the nonprofit sector. Christine is a passionate, bubbly, creative 25 year old who wants to make a difference is the lives of animals and the environment. Christine is a vegetarian and a aspiring vegan who spends most of her free time volunteering and with her husband and dog.


Ines de SequeraInés de Sequera
Volunteer Environment Division Content Coordinator 
Born and raised in Vancouver, Inés is an art history major with a love of travel, theatre and dance, and a longtime passion for the environment. She has written for local magazines and hopes to use her writing to inspire others to go green.


Vanessa SiliezarVanessa Siliezar
Volunteer Marketing/Public Relations Specialist
As a Southern Californian, Vanessa spent several years in the Hotel Industry where she gained experience in branding and marketing as well as developing programs and events. Currently ,Vanessa is working at a University that was named a "Green College" by the Princeton Review in '10, '11 and named a Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation in '09, '10, '11. At the University, Vanessa holds the volunteer position of Treasurer of the Staff Organization and is a Project Specialist for the Ethics Department. She is developing branding for the events sponsored by the Ethics Department. Vanessa is also working towards her Bachelor's in Management.


Belén Gata SorianoBelén Gata Soriano
Volunteer Translator - Spanish
Born and raised in Badajoz, Spain, a city bordering on Portugal, Belén has always shown a high interest in other cultures and people, and for that, she decided to study languages at the University in Cáceres, finally getting her major in English and a minor in French. Later, she applied for a fellowship that took her steps to Kalamazoo College in Michigan, where she developed her curiosity even further, and met people from all around the world. Now she works in Badajoz as a teacher at a secondary school and as an associate professor at the University. Belén also has many hobbies and interests. She has always loved writing, and while she does it as a hobby, recently she got her first script filmed, and is currently writing her second one. She enjoys reading, going to the movies, traveling - that’s a need- and last but not least, she has always had a deep concern about the environment and felt guilty for what humans have been doing to our Mother Earth. Since very little, she’s shown a mysterious passion for Native Americans, and the famous letter from Indian Chief to President of United States has been like a prayer to her. Like Chief White Cloud said, “All of nature is within us and we are part of all nature.”


Katie SullivanKatie Sullivan
Volunteer College Content Coordinator/Admin 
Katie currently resides in Westminster, Colorado and is a student at Regis University where she is finishing her degree in Accounting. Katie’s passion for the environment has evolved greatly over the years after becoming a mother, since than it has become a mission to help in any way possible toward creating a better future for the next generation. She enjoys being outdoors utilizing the Rocky Mountains with hiking in the summer and various snow sports in the winter. Katie also enjoys writing, reading and spending time with her daughter. She believes that by working together, we all have the ability to be a part of the changes our world desperately needs.


Cheryl SummersCheryl Summers
Volunteer Youth Division Parents Program Coordinator
Originally from Poland, Cheryl and her family moved to Canada when she was 4. She spent her childhood in Winnipeg, where she was always close to nature. If she wasn't romping around in fields and building tree forts, she was on a constant mission of rescuing animals. In her early teens she moved to Toronto. After adjusting to the big city life and in addition to animal advocacy she became avidly interested in environmental conservation. She is a single parent to a wonderful 5 year old boy who also has a passion for the earth and compassion for animals. Her mission in life is for him and all other children to have the opportunity to experience the same wonders of nature as she did. She strongly believes in treating children as equals and empowering them to follow their passions and to pursue their dreams. Her guilty pleasures are reading Paranormal Romance novels and indulging in anything chocolate, preferably at the same time. Cheryl's favourite quote that keeps her motivated is: "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I'm possible!" Audrey Hepburn


Amanda ToddAmanda Todd
Volunteer Blogger - Creatures and Environment
G’day! I live in Brisbane, in sunny Queensland (Australia) with my partner Tim and our two feathered children, Hercules and Bruce (that’s Herc in the photo). I used to be an Aircraft Mechanic but left aviation with the hopes of saving the world… I am currently well on my way, working as an Ecologist for a global consulting company. Each year I volunteer at one of Australia’s most significant turtle breeding grounds - Mon Repos - and I have been a wildlife ambulance officer for 4 years. I love bushwalking, dirt bikes and dancing with my parrots (among many other things). Go Team!


Tai ValenzuelaTai Valenzuela
Volunteer College Division Social Media
Since 2004, Tai has worked in the Radio Industry as a coordinator of sales programming, events, concerts, digital and social media. Her efforts of collaboration and innovation have helped produce several initiatives and successful events for Univision Radio. Tai is a believer that anything can be accomplished with a little passion and by showing initiative. This passion has led her use this experience to make a difference in the world through ISF and through educating others. "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." Buddha.


Karen VillarruelKaren Villarruel
Volunteer Legal Affairs
Karen lives in a small city outside of Chicago with her boyfriend and four cats (Touhy, Cali, ZuZu and Purrsy), but she was raised in Texas and is a true Texan at heart. She has been employed as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the past seven years and spends a great deal of time doing pro bono work researching the animal cruelty laws throughout the United States and evaluating ways to effectuate change in these laws to stiffen the penalties for these atrocious crimes. Karen is also a dedicated volunteer for the Independent Cat Society, which is a no-kill cat shelter outside of Chicago. Karen is an aspiring vegetarian and excited to work with the ISF team to help better the lives of all creatures and animals. In her spare time, Karen is a sports fanatic and a huge fan of the Tennessee Titans, Texas Longhorns and the San Antonio Spurs. She is also obsessed with all things fantasy football!


Priyanka VyasPriyanka Vyas
College Division - Social Media
Priyanka comes from the sun city of India- Jodhpur. She is a research scholar in Plant Biotechnology working to earn her PhD. She is a nature lover, an optimist and a bookworm - a Potterhead to be precise. She loves interacting with people; especially kids and young adults on issues like conservation, climate change and sustainability. Water and energy conservation, deforestation and education of girls are the issues close to her heart. She dreams of a cleaner and sustainable planet where hunger, poverty and discrimination are a thing of the past. She is proud to be a part of the ISF family and hopes to help and be inspired by all the amazing souls associated with it. She believes sharing smiles and helping people are the most important part one’s life.


Thiffany Belda WilmouthThiffany Belda Wilmouth
Volunteer Portuguese Translation Coordinator
First and foremost I am an Artist, constantly seeking my next pictorial epiphany. I'm also a part-time existentialist always looking to be of help and service in any way that I can. I strongly believe in the inter connectivity of all things that exist and occupy this planet. More so, I believe in our responsibility as individuals, as humans, to acknowledge our impact in the world that surrounds us and ensure that we minimize the hardship our existence may cause to this planet and it's inhabitants. I live in hope that through mindful action and empathy towards all living things, we can work towards creating a kinder future where the hand of Man becomes a nurturing influence instead of a damaging one. I am honored to join ISF to contribute and help to further its causes and work towards creating a better future for all that share this world.


Volunteer Environment Division Adviser
An Electrical Engineer by profession and a lifelong ecotraveler. A member of The International Ecotourism Society and Project Aware, I am dedicated to practicing and promoting responsible, sustainable, travel above and below the waves. My travels take me around the world, where I have the opportunity to volunteer and work with a variety of local, grassroots conservation and environmental groups. My photography allows me to share these experiences in the hope of raising awareness of these amazing places, people, and ecosystems. Our problems are global; I believe that the solutions must be as well. It is only through cooperation, communication and sharing ideas that we can improve. Our earth requires a holistic approach to living – I try to promote the beauty of being in harmony with our surroundings and nature.