Volunteer Information and Application

Focus Area: Multi-Media

Volunteer Title: Multi-Media Artist and Animator

Reports to: ISF Multi-Media Team Coordinator.

Average Weekly Hours:  3-4 hrs. (Roughly one project a month)

Desired Skills and Talents:

  • Demonstratable animation and design skills in both digital and traditional media — hand drawing and illustration talents a plus.
  • Able to design, create and edit animations as well as animated graphics to high quality standards of story narrative, sound, look and feel.
  • Experience creating compelling & appealing visual designs for video, web/digital projects and other multi-media content.
  • Adept at translating concepts and synthesizing information using graphic and visual talents to deliver compelling digital, multi-media and visual content for online and offline consumption.
  • Capable of submitting creative ideas, layouts, sketches/quick renders, and storyboards when needed.
  • Good working knowledge of animation, image editing and illustration software including the Adobe Creative Suite and other common multi-media and animation production tools such as After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, etc.
  • Knowledgeable of compression and rendering best practices.
  • Proficient at encoding media optimized for different operating systems, resolutions, online and offline platforms.
  • Collaborative in nature, able to work well alone and as part of a team.

Job Duties:

  • Support ISF in the creation of graphics year-round for all of the video content across our social media platforms, website, and offline needs. 
  • Create animations, special effects and other visual content by combining assets – concepts, images, graphic elements, video footage, audio, written copy, etc. – to craft compelling multi-media content.
  • Generate and manipulate graphic images, animations, sound, text and video into finalized seamless visual elements. 
  • Conceptualize, design and animate to create motion graphics, animations and other multi-media and/or interactive content.
  • Design illustrations both digitally and traditionally and in a wide range of artistic styles to cater to the various ISF initiatives.
  • Collaborate with the Multi-Media Coordinator, campaign teams and other ISF key players, to produce educational and inspirational multi-media content in service of ISF’s online and offline campaigns, publications and other initiatives.
  • Encode multi-media content optimized for different operating systems, resolutions and online platforms for the purpose of ISF’s promotion on ISF’s website and social media channels.
  • Fulfill tasks and deliver projects in a timely fashion and to deadlines.
  • Be a source of knowledge for animation and multi-media trends and techniques.
  • Act as a cohesive member of a dedicated team whose mission is to help increase the IS Foundation’s online visibility, disseminate its message and promote its campaigns through high quality multi-media content.
  • Observe at all times brand guidelines and copyright laws to safeguard the IS Foundation’s integrity.


The Basics


List of your Skills

BASIC = fundamentals (cut,copy,insert,delete,paste special) custom formatting, undo/redo, data sorting or hiding, printing INTERMEDIATE = basic formulas, extract data, charts, tracking changes, hyperlinks ADVANCED = advanced formulas,text to columns, pivot tables, excel to web, macros
BASIC = open, create, save and modify documents, fonts, margins, insert/delete pages, printing INTERMEDIATE = mail merge, adding and working in tables, templates ADVANCED = tracking changes, forms and fields, macros, auto-correct
PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Project, Publisher, SharePoint Designer, Visio, etc. When listing them, also put if your knowledge is beginner, intermediate or advanced.
Please include any Computer-aided design (CAD), Developer, Graphic, Layout or other Apple Multi-Media programs you know. When listing them, also put if your knowledge is beginner, intermediate or advanced.
List all of your skills along with experience in Graphic Design,Video Editing, Photography, Cartoon Drawing, etc.
Have you taken any writing classes? (list levels). Do you have any published work? What do you like to write best? Blogs? Stories? News reports? What is your writing style? (Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, Narrative)
Please note this is a partial list. You may select as many as you would like and can also select “other” to add more.


Getting To Know You

Please keep this to no more than 50 words.
Please note this is a partial list. You may select as many as you would like and can also select “other” to add more.
Please limit your response to no more than 100 words.
ISF is currently only looking for a Multi-media Artist and Animator. Applications at this time for other volunteer positions are not being accepted.
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