Josh, a Pit Bull and Shelter Reform Advocate, first met Sway when the young, skittish puppy emerged from a corn field by his father’s property in Troy, Ohio. Since there were no other homes nearby, Jo...
Guess what?! We are headed back to New Jersey this year for Creation Entertainment's Vampire Diairies Convention. Will you be there? If so please stop by our table. We'd love to catch up, answer quest...
Every year we put together a list of books that our volunteers and ISF family members think make for a good read. This year is no different. Below you will find a short list of books that you might en...
Graziela: The ISF Collection is here!

Thank you Graziela! 60% of the retail purchase price of each piece in the Graziela Gems ISF Collection is donated to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in support of our charitable mission.

My Birthday Wish: This is OUR Dream

In late 2014, ISF acquired just under 100 acres of land on the Bayou in Louisiana with the dream of creating an animal sanctuary and preserve; a place for young people, and everyone, to learn about this vital ecosystem, our environment and the effect we all have on it... Help bring this dream to life. Together, we will make a difference.