Did you help ISF launch our first epic [U]Factor event OR did you miss it and want to know what happens after it's over? It's all about YO[U]! We talked about Vision Boards and asked you to...
Tetra Pack Recycled Bags Can Tetra Paks be recycled? Yes, they can be. Recycling Tetra Paks is a global phenomenon; predominantly in the Philippines which is one of the most eco-friendly countries in...
NRDC & HARVARD LAW TALKING POINTS for UNEP September 10, 2013 TOPLINE KEY PROBLEMS You know those phrases like “sell-by”, “use-by” and “best before”...
ISF Animal Sanctuary!

Yep--you heard right. We want to open an Animal Sanctuary! A place that is not only a safe haven for abused and neglected animals, but also a place of growth for bullies and bullied humans alike.


Ian New Years Update

Wow! Did you guys see the impact that our first UFactor event created? I had goose bumps in that room with all those amazing minds. I am so excited to see UFactor grow and develop further.