Mariana Oliveira New University of Lisbon Portugal   April 22, save the day! It's not just an Earth Day celebration. It is the day of all creatures on the planet. It is a symbolic day that serves to r...
By now you've seen protest signs maybe in your community or maybe in the news. Most of the time they contain an idea or some words but at the People's Climate March they were taken to a whole...
Have you ever heard of a sea squirt also known as a tunicate? No, you say? Then you have to check this out: http://www.ryot.org/photos-sea-squirts-turnicate-japan-cute/928736
Pour Some Sugar on Me Part I

There are many hidden dangers of sugar, do you know them all and the effects they have on your child's brain?

How to Talk so Your Parents Will Listen

Do you have difficulty getting your parents to listen to you and take you seriously? Here are some practical tips that can help.