Hey! We loved getting to meet everyone at Walker Stalker in Atlanta so much that we are going to be at Walker Stalker New York/ New Jersey December 4-6th. So come check out some of our new merchandise...
There are 2 ways to enter: Option 1 - $5.00 donation (per entry) - enters your pet(s) to win a prize from ISF. Option 2 - $20.00 donation (per entry) - enters your pet(s) to win a prize from ISF as we...
Recently, we introduced you to our new campaign: IMPACT! Today, we announce our first IMPACT Drive. What is an Impact drive? ISF wants to work with you to make an impact in our world. We have chosen...
ISF IMPACT Photo Challenge

Help us show the world how you make a positive IMPACT by taking part of our 31 day challenge.

MobSTIRs Wanted!!

Are you 17 or younger and have always wanted to change the world? Now's your chance! Find out how you can IMPACT the planet by becoming a MobSTIR!