In honor of Meatless May we have selected Farm Sanctuary by Gene Baur as our newest book club selection.  Farm Sanctuary looks at how the physical farm sanctuary came about while looking at how the fa...
In January we shared with you news about our $15,000 grant to the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) to support a program to humanely manage the wild horses of Nevada’s historic Virgini...
Are you going to Creation Vampire Diaries Convention in Chicago April 22-24? We are! We can't wait to see you there. Come hang out, check out our awesome shirts, and ask any questions you might have a...
Celebrate World Spay Day by Making an Impact

Did you know that ISF has a spay and neuter program?

Green in 2016
Are you ready for a year of challenges, advice, tips, and encouragement to help you live a greener life?