Maybe you have heard that ISF has a book club or maybe you forgot. Some of you might just be hearing about it now. Either way we wanted to introduce our next book choice: The Zero-Waste Lifestyle: Liv...
Sometimes people capture an accidental but cool moment in time. That happened at the Llandudno Air Show when Jade Coxon captured the seagull featured in the photo in line with the planes. The seagull...
Two female lemurs were born at Duke University. This is a very welcome announcement as lemurs have been considered the most endangered mammal on the planet. To read more see here
Environment Fight Club: Halogen Incandescents vs. CFLs vs. LEDs (Round 7)
It’s time for this month’s fight club face off! In the ring today are not two, but three contestants! The holidays are fast approaching and electricity demands are on the rise as festive lights are being plugged to shine through the nights. Now more than ever it’s important to know exactly what we are plugging in. It’s a light bulb fight and we’ve got halogen incandescents versus compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) versus light emitting diodes (LEDs)!
ISF College Advisory Board 2015: Call For Applications

Application period now closed!