Did you know one million dogs are estimated to be heartworm positive in the United States each year? Each of the 50 states has documented cases of heartworm infections. Did you also know heartworms do...
Come on out and meet some of our awesome ISF family. We will be having a booth at the Creation Entertainment The Vampire Diaries Convention July 17-19 in Parsippany, New Jersey. Come say hi and ask an...
It’s that time of year again. The time to lounge on the beach, under a tree or maybe just in the air conditioning. Either way, the one thing that you can easily enjoy at all those locations is a good...
Homemade Spa Gifts For All Occasions

Skip the chemicals and high end prices! Make your own fabulous bath salts and body scrubs! These make excellent gifts for anyone who loves to pamper themselves!

Pour Some Sugar on Me Part II

In part one we discussed the effects of sugar on a child's brain and ways to slowly eliminate sugar in your life. In part II we will discuss sugar in more detail as well as provide some yummy alternatives to common sugar ridden foods.