To read more about this awesome story please visit http://www.ryot.org/illegal-trafficked-animals-colombia-freedom/925415
With great excitement we brought you the #ISFPhotoChallenge! We wanted you to show us what excites you, what you’re passionate about and how you’re kicking butt being the awesome and badass change mak...
On Feb. 28th we held our first ever live ISF Family Google Hangout. Ian and Kim tried to get to all your questions and although we hung out with you for over an hour we just couldn't get to them all!...
How to Talk so Your Parents Will Listen

Do you have difficulty getting your parents to listen to you and take you seriously? Here are some practical tips that can help.

From ISF Parents Blog: It's Time to Stop Resolving to Give Things Up in the New Year

Let's take a different approach to New Year's resolution. Let's focus on giving, instead of giving up.