Cynthia Teran Hunter College, 16’ New York, NY, USA   The word “Joy” is not as easy to explain, as it is as easy to express.  I was fortunate enough to experien...
Dogs have become an integral part of life for many people.  They give us love, affection and undying loyalty.  Not only are they an important part of our families, but new studies show that...
I wake in the morning and all I see around me is the beauty of Mother Nature; the sand in my toes and the blues and greens of the ocean.  One of the many benefits to beachside living in sunny Flo...
Ian's Update Spring 2014

How's my spring so far? Just as amazing as ISF's!

Are You Ready to Live Dangerously with Ian and ISF?

Are you ready for one of our BIGGEST campaigns ever MAY 1-6 to tell the world that #COALSUCKS with Ian and ISF? We need YOU to create a storm with us!