Throughout history, dogs have been used in combat, in many different roles from logistics to mascots. These dogs not only served as valuable combat assets in the war effort, but also as comforters to...
Strong willed. Friendly. Courageous. Obedient. Clownish. Intelligent. Loyal. Stubborn. Affectionate. All of these words have been used to describe the Pit Bull. When ISF heard the inspirational story...
Recently, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation put out a call to action for our supporters to tell us about what life is like having a Pit Bull in their family. This beautiful “breed” of dog is made up of...
Graziela: The ISF Collection is here!

Thank you Graziela! 60% of the retail purchase price of each piece in the Graziela Gems ISF Collection is donated to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in support of our charitable mission.

2017 ISF Youth Volunteer Applications are here!!

Are you fired up and want to be a Youth Volunteer with ISF for 2017? Apply to be a part of the Team here!! Applications will be open through October 31st.