When I was growing up, one of my favorite books was The Iceberg Hermit. It’s a story about a boy who gets shipwrecked on an iceberg. But in all honesty, I don’t remember much about the kid, including...
Just because you’re going back to school doesn’t mean you have to leave the green at home. From school supplies, to lunches, studying, to extra curricular activities – we’ve got you covered with tips...
Let’s begin this article about trees with a FAVORITE quote of mine: “We are the environment. The world is literally one biological process. The trees are our lungs. Look at the Amazon River system nex...
Epic Birthday Fundraiser!

Our Youth surprise us every day. Haley is no exception. Her birthday was on August 8th and she just became an amazing teenager for change! She is not asking for birthday gifts this year. In fact, she set up a fundraiser with the Goal of raising $1,300 for the IS Foundation.

Easy Breezy Litterless Lunches for the Super Busy Family

Saving the environment one lunch at a time! Special guest article straight from the ISF Parent's Division