Meet our 2016 Members of the Board who are here to STIR things up at ISF - aka the MobSTIRs!                              Hello, my name is Aidan. I am 12 years old and I've lived in Scotland for...
Mind blown ……   Amazement, pure and utter amazement. That is the emotion that says it all for me this year… My name is Candi Fair. I had the most epic honor of being a Mob Advisor in the Youth Divisio...
    I have been noticing a great deal of controversy and conversation recently concerning girls and how they choose to present themselves; Notably, makeup has been a hot topic of discussion regarding...
2017 ISF Youth Volunteer Applications are here!!

Are you fired up and want to be a Youth Volunteer with ISF for 2017? Apply to be a part of the Team here!! Applications will be open through October 31st.

Chloe's Food for Thought - Moving Forward With Orlando
ISF Youth Division teen Volunteer, Chloe, is passionate about empowering her peers and talking about important topics teens & kids currently face every single day. She's jumping in with ISF to write continuous pieces on issues and solutions from her perspective in Chloe's Food for Thoughts. This weeks article is about the shooting in Orlando, Florida, USA.