With great excitement we brought you the #ISFPhotoChallenge! We wanted you to show us what excites you, what you’re passionate about and how you’re kicking butt being the awesome and badass change mak...
Have you ever wondered how countries work together to protect the Earth? It is very important for countries to work together. Together, they can make international laws that they all agree on. These l...
My view on climate change is that it's really serious, and we should be doing everything to help stop it. Governments believe scientist when they say the earth is round or that this medicine makes thi...
Change Maker: Meet Lara!

It’s time to meet another of our awesome MobStirs: Lara. She’s been with ISF for what feels like forever… She joined us in 2012 when she became one of the Kids Armies!

The revival of Plastic Straws Can Suck It!

It's BACK! Join us in telling the world why #PlasticStrawsCanSuckIt - We want you to Green Your Mind and make tons of noise!