“Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water…” Although the first Jaws movie came out in the 70's, the bone-tingling score and fearsome mechanical shark created a...
Mini-quiz time! Take 60 seconds and list all the electronic devices you own. Ready? Go! How many did you come up with? Here are just a few you might have listed: Cellphones, laptops, desktops, Kindle...
The future already looks bright when it comes to energy. Everyday more people are learning about renewable sources and starting to use them in different places. We're finally moving toward a cleaner u...
Epic Birthday Fundraiser!

Our Youth surprise us every day. Haley is no exception. Her birthday was on August 8th and she just became an amazing teenager for change! She is not asking for birthday gifts this year. In fact, she set up a fundraiser with the Goal of raising $1,300 for the IS Foundation.

Easy Breezy Litterless Lunches for the Super Busy Family

Saving the environment one lunch at a time! Special guest article straight from the ISF Parent's Division