The first celebration of Earth Day was in 1970, thanks to Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-Wis.). He was a passionate advocate of protecting the environment and raising awareness of its issues. He was elected t...
April showers!!!!!!! Are you tired of them yet? As you know how the rhyme goes, they bring May flowers! But, why stop at flowers, why can’t they bring trees? Well, we might be able to help with that....
Hi I’m Angel. I am 9 and live in rural Australia. I am crazy about my horses, dogs, chickens and cat. My mom thinks I’m turning our property into a zoo! I am also passionate about marine life and wan...
Changing the world, one kid at a time

This month we want you to meet Khadeejah, a 14 year-old who is eager to help the planet.

Change Maker: Meet Lara!

It’s time to meet another of our awesome MobStirs: Lara. She’s been with ISF for what feels like forever… She joined us in 2012 when she became one of the Kids Armies!