Meet our 2016 Members of the Board who are here to STIR things up at ISF - aka the MobSTIRs!                              Hello, my name is Aidan. I am 12 years old and I've lived in Scotland for...
My thoughts upon the matter Try to answer this question: “Do you love yourself?” Is it so wrong to answer with a simple yes? Is it really something to be ashamed of to be in complete acceptance of who...
  Picture Credit: Rylyn K. Article by: Rylyn K. MobSTIR Alumni Berry Resourceful Ever thought to yourself, how can I make a super resourceful and creative garden using reusable materials? Well, the an...
Fun time with Leah and Hannah

Sometimes, we all need a little imagination and creativity to change the planet. These girls have lots of it!

More Reasons to Think Before You Smoke

When we talk about secondhand smoke, we rarely discuss the effects of it on our furry companions. Here is Max's story of survival, struggle and bravery.