Hi, I’m Angel. I am 9 and live in rural Australia. I am crazy about my horses, dogs, chickens and cat. My mom thinks I’m turning our property into a zoo! I am also passionate about marine life and wa...
Chickens… who would think that they would have so many benefits? Chickens produce eggs, they eat bugs, and they fertilize your yard, not to mention that they are great, lovable pets! I have three chic...
    Do you think the only way you can make an impact is with actual cold hard cash donated to an organization? If so, then we are excited to share with you that many animal rescues and sanctuaries cre...
More Reasons to Think Before You Smoke

When we talk about secondhand smoke, we rarely discuss the effects of it on our furry companions. Here is Max's story of survival, struggle and bravery. 

Mobstirs Reveal What’s In Their Litterless Lunch

For IMPACT day 20, we challenge you to show us your litterless lunch! Share a photo with ISF Youth: Tweet us, message us on Facebook, or mention us on Instagram using hashtags #ISFPhotoChallenge and #IMPACT to spread the eco-friendly love.