Flint Michigan Cleanup 2019

ISF Flint Boys

It's time for our annual cleanup in Flint, Michigan!

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) will visit the Flint, Michigan, area for the third time on May 4th, 2019, from 1pm - 5pm to conduct our annual Youth Volunteer Day Cleanup! This year the volunteers will focus on picking up trash at the wetlands near Grand Blanc East Middle School. Members of the ISF Team and ISF Youth Alumni volunteers will collaborate with local Scouts and community members to participate in an environmental cleanup aimed to create awareness about plastic pollution and consumption while empowering youth to make a difference in their own communities. Do you want to join us? Sign up is easy HERE!


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Upon arrival, members from Boy Scout Troop 368 and Cub Scout Pack 175 will be introduced to other eco-friendly like minds within the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. During their visit, ISF volunteers will show local youth how simple changes in our lifestyles can combat pollution and the stresses we place upon our natural habitat. 

ISF Youth Volunteer Alumni and Flint native Dylan Fournier said, “Being a Scout and an environmental activist, I’m excited to bridge the two together to help promote conservation awareness and protect our ecosystems. In Scouts we practice Leave No Trace Behind so I’m eager to take that concept a step further by showing youth how to rethink plastic consumption so it never reaches our natural habitat in the first place.” Stay tuned to ISF's Instagram and Facebook all weekend for exclusives!

Participants will also have the opportunity to share their passions and ideas for a greener future and brainstorm with ISF about the importance of raising environmental awareness to positively impact our planet. Jules Trace, ISF Director of Youth said, "The World has finally woken up and realized that it is our Youth who are creating the biggest positive impact on our planet! By recognizing this strength and uplifting their passions through community action, the positive changes can be seen like a ripple across the globe. When a kid can truly feel and see the difference they are making, it not only changes their entire mindset and life but changes that of everyone around them. All ages, join us May 4th for an exciting day of fun with games, contests and making a difference, together!"

Those interested in joining ISF for this Youth Volunteer Day opportunity can register here. ISF recently launched our newest program service, the Cleanup Program, where individuals can organize their own or join an existing cleanup.

ISF has organized two cleanups in Flint in previous years. Read those stories and see more photos here and here!

ISF sends a special thanks and appreciation to Boy Scout Troop 368, Cub Scout Pack 175 and our volunteers and families for making this Youth Day possible.


Written by Wendi Fournier

Edited by Heidi Trace


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