ISF Grantee MorrisAngels of mercy are everywhere, always ready to help people or creatures in need.  In May of 2016, several came to the rescue of a tiny, 7 or 8 week old black kitten whose color put him on the wrong side of luck. The first angel stopped to get the kitten, now named Morris, from a busy road after he was thrown from the window of a speeding car. Taking him to the vet to get checked, doctors discovered his injuries were too extensive to treat there so his rescuer took him to an emergency vet.

Unfortunately, Morris’ rescuer wasn’t able to pay for the expensive medical treatment he desperately needed.  If he was not claimed by a rescue, Morris’ luck would most likely run out.  His next angel was The Goathouse Refuge, in Pittsboro, North Carolina.  Once they were notified, they immediately agreed to pay for his medical expenses.  His head injuries and abrasions would heal with time and antibiotics, but the intense impact onto the road broke one of his legs which required an expensive surgical procedure.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation was contacted and ISF assisted with Morris’ significant medical expenses.  Following a successful surgery to repair his leg, along with ongoing antibiotics and pain medication, Morris survived this harrowing experience while never losing his affectionate nature or willingness to trust the hands of those who wouldn’t let his luck run out.

The assisting vet tech in Morris’ surgery told his girlfriend about this tiny creature who had stolen his heart.  She filled out the required adoption papers and, after the standard vetting and home visit, was able to give Morris the loving home he needed and deserved.

The Goathouse Refuge is happy to see Morris embark on his new life with a loving family and had this to say, “Thank you ISF for being an important part of this journey!” Morris is one lucky kitty!

Written by Judy Paolercio

Edited by Bob Stone


ISF Grantee Morris


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