Trauma.  It can grip even the strongest person with severe emotional or mental distress.  Through abuse and neglect, it can plague the lives of defenseless animals, leading them down a path to certain euthanasia. 

This would have been the path for a frightened foxhound who was abandoned in an overcrowded shelter in Virginia.  Fortunately, this sweet natured dog, named Presley, was rescued by The Buddy Rescue Foundation and taken back to Pennsylvania where he was placed in a foster home. 

The initial veterinarian examination diagnosed Presley with heartworm, but even a disease as serious as this had to take a back seat.  Doctors and his foster family soon discovered the extent of Presley’s extreme anxiety.  To Presley, a harmless baby gate in the foster home was viewed as a cage from which he desperately needed to free himself.  In a panicked attempt to climb over, he became perched on top with his legs caught in the gate.  Now in critical condition, time was of the essence to treat the resulted neurologic damage to his back, hips and legs as well as internal organ damage to his kidneys and liver. With Presley in severe pain and unable to walk, doctors began immediate testing and treatment to start his healing.  Despite his severe injuries, his sweet nature could be seen in his trusting eyes while doctors kept his stress and anxiety under control.  His liver and kidney values were a concern for the doctors and closely monitored as was the significant edema in his hips and legs.  Through all this, Buddy Rescue never gave up on Presley.  Besides incurring significant costs toward his critical care and diagnostics, they also continued to pay for the necessary bloodwork every few weeks.  After his successful recovery, he then received the heartworm treatment he initially needed.

Buddy Rescue reached out to The Ian Somerhalder Foundation for assistance with Presley’s substantial medical expenses.  ISF gladly worked with them to ensure Presley received the care and treatment he needed.

Presley has recovered from his serious accident and is now heartworm free.  With the love and dedication of his foster family, his anxiety continues to lessen.  They have formed a bond with this happy and social dog who has shown so much strength in coming back from incredible adversity.  Their hope, as well as Buddy Rescue’s, is Presley will find his permanent home soon, spending his life in security and safety.

The Buddy Recue Foundation sent these words of gratitude to ISF, “Thank you for helping us give Presley the medical attention he needed.  You helped make a difference in his life.  His smile in the picture says it all!”

Update: Presley has been adopted by his foster family and renamed Preston. Here is what they let ISF know, "I have actually adopted him and he is one of our six adopted rescue dogs.  We are quite bonded and at this point I do not want to take the chance that adopting him to someone else will cause a setback in the wonderful progress he has made.  His story is truly a success story, very fitting to include him on your page as a success story thanks to the support you have given us to help Preston.  Thank you so much!"

Written by Judy Paolercio

Edited by Bob Stone