When you are a cute, little, fur baby, you can get yourself into all sorts of mischief and trouble. This is exactly what happened to Roswell, a domestic shorthair male tabby cat about 3-6 months old. On the 3rd of August, 2016 Roswell was found on the Euthanasia list at the Animal Care and Control centre in Brooklyn, New York. At this young age he had suffered two fractured elbows as a result of a traumatic high-rise fall which left him badly injured. A kind lady named Kelle was looking to adopt and immediately fell in love with Roswell at first sight. It was evident that Roswell needed urgent medical care and, after inquiries made on costs, she decided to submit a Medical Emergency Grant application through ISF to save his young life. With some savings and the approval from ISF, Kelle made plans to save her new kitten’s life.

On August 17, 2016 Roswell underwent surgery to repair his two fractured elbows. The surgery did encounter some difficulty as it was discovered the bones in his left elbow had already started to fuse. The surgeons were unable to perform corrective surgery on his left side, but were able to perform a fracture repair to the right side with success.

Recovery time was estimated at about 8 weeks, but after 4 weeks Roswell was already able to jump up onto surfaces. He still had issues running, however, as he had a severely impaired gait. After the two scheduled follow up appointments, it was established Roswell’s surgery was a success and he was given a clean bill of health.

Roswell is now a very happy and functional kitten who is playing, running, and jumping without any indication of pain. He has bonded very well with his new family and is living a joyful and healthy life, with no further signs of difficulty or trauma.

Written by Popi Doukakis

Edited by Bob Stone