Through Ian's Eyes

Lately, I have been asking myself a question and I encourage you to ask yourself as well: How can we, as a global family, make the positive change we need to see in our vast world? ISF’s mission is one Nikki and I believe in to our cores. We want to empower our youth. We want to educate people to make changes in their lifestyles which will benefit the environment. We want to collaborate with rescuers and advocates to protect creatures and to heal those who have suffered abuse. Together as an ISF family, we have made tremendous strides toward our goals.

Our Medical Emergency Grant Program for Animals has aided 2,489 animals in getting back on their paws and hooves. Our youth volunteers have organized water cleanups and volunteer at animal sanctuaries. I am blown away hearing the ideas that come from their brainstorming sessions for creating action.

Why did I form ISF? Because for Nikki and me, ISF means being a part of a family who refuses to allow the degradation of our environment or the mistreatment of animals to go on any longer. It means standing together, empowering one another so we can go sustainably into our future.

We have many goals still to accomplish. Together, with grassroots initiatives and through reverence, gratitude and compassion, we will build the greatest generation humans have ever seen. I will fight with you, I will stand with you, I believe in you. Thank you for believing in me.