ISF Changemakers - Recurring Donors Program


Our Changemakers are donors who sign up for recurring donations with ISF, typically with an automatically withdrawn monthly donation. Any amount can be chosen as a recurring donation and every single donation helps to further our mission, programs and services. You can choose to donate a set amount annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly and even weekly. ISF Changemakers can change the future with ISF, no matter the amount you choose to give. Fill out the simple form below to sign up now!

Why are monthly and other recurring donations critical for nonprofits?

 Recurring donations help set a foundation - for a foundation!

 When a publicly funded nonprofit has a clear view of dependable donations, it can plan its goals strategically and most effectively.

 Recurring donations are integral for setting budgets to expand programs, services and for creating new ones.

 Having a reliable source of revenue for a 501(c)(3) is crucial for growth and maximum positive impact.

Sign up quickly and easily with the form below and don't forget to choose your donation frequency to monthly, quarterly or yearly to become a recurring donor.

How Much Should I Donate?

It is up to you! Every single donation makes a positive impact toward our mission to positively impact the planet and its creatures. To help guide you, here are some examples of what different monthly donations levels could help within ISF. Have you always wanted to give but money is tight? Recurring donations can help you budget out your contribution into smaller, manageable amounts each month. 

 Ideas for Giving

  • Give the birthday gift of a recurring donation in someone else's name! For example, giving a child or teenager the gift of a $10/monthly donation for their birthday helps them to know they are actually helping all year round
  • Great gift for graduation, Giving Tuesday, good grades, wedding, anniversary, baby shower and other congratulations. 
  • Thoughtful In Memorium for a beloved human or pet that has passed away. This can be for your own loved one or to give as a gift to someone else who has suffered a loss. 

Where else can I sign up?

Facebook has launched the option to donate monthly to ISF! It is so easy and 100% of your donation is given to ISF by deposit directly into our bank account. Go to our page HERE and click the blue "Donate" button and choose monthly!


Once you sign up as an ISF Changemaker monthly donor, save and display your badge!

Show the world that YOU are making a difference, one impactful donation at a time.

Thank you for becoming an ISF Changemaker. We are excited to change the world, with YOU!
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