Compassionate Consumer

Through education and compassionate choices we as consumers, have the power to save animals from being used to test and make the products which we use in our everyday life.  We also can make choices to minimize our consumption of goods and chose products that are easier on the planet and its creatures.  Join us in being a Compassionate Consumer.


True cost 1


Do you dream of swimming with dolphins, but find yourself concerned about how humans sometimes treat them? Do you want to see beautiful birds, but not when they are locked in a cage at the zoo? As we all become more knowledgeable about our planet and our interconnectedness with nature, we learn more about how to enjoy nature without disturbing it...

Dreaming of Dolphins and a Conservation Vacation

Being socially conscious seems to have flourished over the last decade. You can step into just about any grocery store and find ethically raised eggs and meat, or cruelty free shampoo and soap. Young people are taking more of a stand in issues they care about and we are collectively doing more to help make this world a better place...

Don't Hide

Cruel doesn’t even begin to describe the fur industry. There are two ways that fur is obtained, either by fur farming or fur trapping. 

FURget about Fur

When you go to the store and buy shampoo, shoes, or snacks to munch on, ask yourself...

Do You Know the #TrueCost of Your Choices?