Meatless May

The cruel treatment of animals being raised for our consumption and the negative impact it has on our health and the environment are why we support Meatless May. Going meat free or even cutting back on your consumption of meat can make you and our planet more healthy.


As you may know, one of the central beliefs of ISF is that EVERYTHING is interconnected--the environment, the animals that live among us, and of course, us humans! That being said, having a meat-FULL diet doesn’t just affect animals, it affects those who partake, as well as the environment...

The Effects of a Meat-full Diet

A meatless diet is no laughing matter. Choosing to abstain from eating meat benefits your health, and the environment in many ways, not to mention all the lives you are saving!

ISF Creatures Focus Presents...Meatless May!


Meatless Monday has grown into a global movement, allowing for the conversation of a meatless diet to be addressed worldwide, and also for the health benefits of a reduced meat, or meatless diet, to be acknowledged on a global scale.  We are challenging our supporters to make a month of it!

Meatless May is Here!