Spay/Neuter & Health Clinics

Christine and Vanessa Spay Neuter Clinic

ISF stands behind finding unwanted animals a loving home through rescuing and adopting. We know, however, just like everyone else in this effort, it’s an overwhelming battle. The best way of “fixing” the problem is “fixing” animals. With an endless number of regions needing these services, it can be hard when deciding the location of ISF’s spay and neuter clinics.

In 2014, ISF began our spay and neuter program in rural areas where resources are the most scarce.  ISF partners with a veterinarian team who provide free spay and neuter services.  In addition to spaying and neutering, clinics include health checkups, deworming, vaccines, flea and tick prevention, and at times treating other inflictions found on patients. Additionally, we provide year-round education and awareness campaigns.


Vanessa at ISF Free Spay/Neuter Clinic

In May 2016, ISF completed our second free spay and neuter clinic at a facility located on a Navajo Reservation in Pine Hill, New Mexico. ISF provided funding for all the medical costs associated with the clinic, along with recruiting another veterinarian team in addition to our own team...

ISF's Partnership to Provide a Free Spay/Neuter Clinic

Ending pet overpopulation through spaying and neutering is one of ISF’s greatest passions and goals...

What You Can Do To Kick Pet Overpopulation To The Curb


We share an undeniably tethered, evolving, and soul-awakening connection with the creatures whoo inhabit this planet alongside us. Our companion creatures tirelessly and joyously donate every molecule of their essence to bringing us love and peace while cultivating our understanding and compassion. They deserve us to return the courtesy of compassion, through protecting and healing their tired, homeless, and hungry paws.