ISF Coast2Coast Action

Inspired by stories in recent years of overwhelming amounts of trash left behind on beaches and in the ocean at popular Spring Break destinations, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation is calling on all Spring Break participants from California to Florida to participate in the ISF Coast2Coast Action: SB2018 campaign.

This #ISFCoast2Coast campaign combines the efforts of our ongoing #ISFWater Campaign to reduce water pollution caused by plastic, waste and chemicals and our successful ISF Cleanup program. With this campaign, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation hopes to increase awareness of spring break pollution and encourage participants to educate themselves and others on the importance of keeping our environment clean, especially during spring break.



We’ve listed several action steps to empower you in leading this movement.

  • Take and Share the Spring Break Pledge at the bottom of this page.
  • Become our on-location field researcher during and after Spring Break by completing the quick Coast2Coast Action Survey below and sharing it on social media. We plan to use the survey’s data to promote conservation education, preparation and cleanup efforts in target areas for future spring break seasons.
  • Equip yourself by downloading resources provided which will help you in communicating with others about the impact of plastic pollution on our ecosystem. We have infographics and even posters which can be placed in bars and restaurants to encourage patrons to skip the straw – preventing it from ending up in the ocean and harming marine life. Distribute them on your campus or in your community to increase awareness and education regarding plastic pollution, its consequences and actions to stop it.
  • Encourage restaurant and business owners to make the switch from plastic to paper straws by working with trail-blazing companies such as Aardvark Straws.  If you know of a business making the switch from plastic, let us know! We would love to celebrate and share their story!
  • Gather your friends, group or club to organize your own cleanup wherever you are. Be sure to take photos and report your results. We’d love to spotlight your environmental leadership!
  • Use campaign hashtags #ISFCoast2Coast #SpringBreak2018 #SpringBreakPledge #ISFWater #TheFinalStraw #DontBeASucker on social media to share your spring break cleanup efforts with us and to spread the word!

And finally, have a blast!