Youth Water Campaign


As humans, we must make a drastic change in the way we treat our planet. That change is radically happening within our Youth.

As the largest and most motivated group of changemakers, our kids and teens instinctually realize the way we have been living, consuming and disposing is destroying their future. Crucially, it is the water systems on our planet that are suffering from this way of living and as our life source, it impacts us all.

In 2017, our group of 39 youth volunteers decided to actively make a change. The heart of each of our projects, campaigns, in person volunteering and content this year is all about...WATER! Keep up to date on this page as we continuously add content from our Youth and Water Campaign.


Most Recent Projects & Articles By Youth

The ISF Youth Volunteers are chalenging YOU to stop using straws for 1 week. What will our impact be on the planet?

The Last Straw Youth Challenge

Our trash can end up in our waterways. But what can we do instead?

Litterless Lunches

Three recycling bins. That’s how many recycling bins used to be in my school. Three wasn’t enough, but at least it was something...

Logan's Logic - What's Missing from my School?


Chloe's Food For Thought: Water Bottles

Every morning across the world, students pack a bottle of water in order to keep themselves sustained throughout the day, often in preparation for activities such as sports practice or play rehearsal. Among these kids are those who pack plastic water bottles, but many others are now starting to pack reusable water bottles they use on a daily basis...

Chloe's Food for Thought - Reusable Water Bottles are Worth It


With a focus on water, the ISF Youth Volunteers Cleaned Up Their Own Communities.

Youth Team Community Clean Up Project

Kids from Several States Rally Together with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to Put a Stop to Litter and Plastic Consumption

Youth Volunteer Day Beach Clean Up in Flint, Michigan

This Spring/Summer, the ISF outh Volunteers planted their own gardens and learned about water conservation. How are their gardens now?

Organic Gardens & Rain Barrels