Join the Great Backyard Bird Count

Please join us in the Great Backyard Bird Count!

On the weekend of February 14-17 people around the world will be taking part in the 17th annual, wonderfully fascinating bird count to create a snap shot of where different species of birds live.  This is a simple, fast, and free activity for the whole family to enjoy.  Anyone and everyone is invited and encouraged to participate.  It takes as little as 15 minutes or you can spend as much of your day as you like counting and enjoying the birds in your own back yard. 

So other than for our own enjoyment, why should we take part?  It actually helps the birds!  Scientists can learn a lot about birds based on where they are.  Birds are constantly moving, so no single team of scientists or even many teams could track and count birds everywhere.  When people take part in this, they help science understand the complex distribution and movements of so many species in a short amount of time.  They use this information to help understand what is happening within bird populations and identify problems or patterns to watch for in order to help birds survive and thrive in their environments.  

What do we need to do?  The activity is easy and allows us a glimpse into the colorful lives of birds that often goes unnoticed.  Participants simply obtain a checklist from one of the participating websites and tally the number of individual birds of each species they see during their count period.  They then enter this count on the Great Backyard Bird Count website (see links at the end of article).  New participants will create a quick and free account to submit their checklists and previous users will simply log in to submit their checklists. 

As the count progresses through the weekend, anyone with internet access can log in at anytime and see the progress and information located across the globe. 

People are also encouraged to take pictures of any of the birds they see and submit them to the Great Backyard Bird Count photo contest.

Use either of these links to get involved and connected to the Great Backyard Bird Count.







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