ISF Emergency Medical Grant For Animals


"Animals have an exquisitely poignant way of teaching us, through demonstration, how to love and be loved. We learn compassion, as well as expand our perception of the infinite connection to the environment around us, from our creature friends--whether they are furry and lick us, or slither and swim. We owe it to these creatures to provide protection, healing and love. That is exactly why I am so proud that the IS Foundation has launched our first grant program -- the Emergency Medical Grant for Animals" - Ian Somerhalder

The Medical Emergency Animal Grant Program helped animals from February 14, 2014 to April 2, 2020. ISF granted over $535,000, helping almost 2,500 creatures. These animals included dogs, cats and horses as well as other farm, exotic and wildlife animals. Each animal's journey has shown us the true meaning of strength, love and will to survive for both man and animal. For more information on who we have helped, click the link below. 

ISF Medical Grant Program Graphic

Medical Grant Recipients

The medical costs of treating and rehabilitating an animal in an emergency situation can become staggering for any organization or individual trying to help. Although our Medical Emergency Care Grant for Animals Program has ended, we have combiled other resources and information we are confident will help you in fundraising for an animal in need. Please click on the link below for other ways you can fundraise and thank you for helping animals:

Click Here For Other Fundraising And Grant Options