ISF Water Campaign

Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface and is vital for all life forms. Creatures living in the oceans, forests, wildlife, all of us, we need water to survive. With severe draughts, rising sea levels and polluted waterways, our earth is facing a severe crisis. Clean water is scarce as 1 billion people in the developing world go without it daily. In the USA, places such as Flint, Michigan are faced with a public health emergency because their water supply has been contaminated with lead.

With climate change accelerating, glaciers are melting causing sea levels to rise and extreme weather. This is already evident in cities such as Miami, FL where flooding is common during high tide. Experts say this will continue to get worse as storms such as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina become more common, damaging coastal cities.

As we all face this crisis together, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation will take an in depth look at how our current state of water affects our creatures, our environment, and our youth, who hold the future in their hands.