Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

ISF is honored and humbled by the support of our passionate Corporate Partners. This page lists a few of the ways that you can help but we encourage all organizations to get involved in their own creative way, whether it is through donations of products and services, financial grants, strategic initiatives or creating an innovative way to help. Together we can realize exceptional efficiencies, global impact, and achieve our common mission to empower, educate and collaborate to positively impact the planet and all of its creatures.

Philanthropy & Grants

ISF relies on your financial support to carry out our charitable mission. You can provide assistance through direct donations to ISF or through grants made by your own corporate foundation. To explore opportunities that meet your company or foundation's needs, please contact us.

Cause Marketing & Sponsorship

We believe in creative collaborations that bring together different types of expertise from the nonprofit and corporate worlds. We work with our corporate partners to adapt their vision, methodologies, and tools for charitable purposes, creating marketing opportunities that meet both their business goals and philanthropic vision. Promotional partnerships leverage complementary strengths to create campaigns that resonate with customers and employees, boost bottom line results and contribute significantly to the greater good. Click here to learn more.

Matching Gift Programs

Set up a Matching Gift Program and match donations made by your employees to eligible nonprofit organizations like ISF. Matching Gifts often are dollar-for-dollar, but some companies will give double or even triple the original donation - many companies even give Matching Gifts for their employees’ volunteer efforts. It's simple. Your employees donate. You help them do twice the good!

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving builds a true sense of community among your employees and demonstrates the strong values and good corporate citizenship of your company. Engage your employees in ISF's mission and make an impact through workplace giving.  For more information on Workplace Giving ideas and fundraising events, please contact us.