Akira was only two years old when she was left, injured and abandoned, in the middle of the road.  The Siberian Husky was found by two girls passing by, after an apparent hit and run accident.  One of the girls had seen her lying in the road the night before and couldn’t believe she was still there the next day.  They took her to Animal Ark Rescue, (AAR) with the hope of saving her life.  Once she arrived, she was taken to the veterinarian at Benning Animal Hospital for X-rays and medical care.  The X-rays showed Akira had two broken front legs and one broken rear leg.  In order to heal, she would need plates inserted into her broken bones. AAR was awarded an ISF grant to assist with the cost of the surgery.

ISF Grantee AkiraAkira was transferred to a local orthopedic specialist at Animal General Hospital. There she received the plates to secure her broken bones. After surgery, Akira was transferred back to Benning Animal Hospital for four weeks of recovery. It was during this time a potential adopter discovered Akira’s story on the rescue’s Facebook page. This animal lover would make the 1.5 hour drive each week just so she could spend time getting to know Akira while she recovered in the hospital. Once Akira was medically released, her special human adopted her straight away!

Akira found the strength to fight for her life and her rescuers had such big hearts to make sure she found a happy ending. 

Written by Stefanie Schmidt

Edited by Bob Stone

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