It's hard to believe that anyone could be cruel enough to abandon an animal, yet it happens all too often. It happened to sweet Amelie, an American Foxhound who was found alone, scared and carelessly discarded near a dumpster. However, fortune was smiling down upon Amelie the day she was found by a young, big hearted   woman who brought Amelie to the wonderful rescue organization,  All Hounds on Deck

It was quickly determined Amelie was suffering from a slew of medical issues: hookworms, whipworms, and heart worms. She also had canine ehrlichia, a condition usually spread by ticks and is known to cause a number of maladies such as hemorrhagic fever, canine typhus, and tracker dog disease. In addition to all this, poor Amelie was covered with fleas and ticks. She was going to need a lot of medical treatment so All Hounds on Deck reached out to ISF for some assistance with the costly procedures. We were thrilled to be able to help!

Through it all, Amelie was good tempered and very amiable. All Hounds on Deck told ISF, "Amelie is a dear", noting "it's always quite amazing how these abandoned and neglected dogs are so sweet and funny and playful and loving". They also shared a cute story with us about one of the rescuers taking Amelie home to give her a bath. Amelie was so playful and outgoing she instantly made friends with the other dogs at the rescuer’s home. She said, “Amelie just wanted to be hugged and talked to and just hang out with us". 

Resilient, sweet, and plucky Amelie quickly healed and was ready to find her forever home. Thankfully, she didn't have to wait for long. A wonderful volunteer drove Amelie quite a long way so she could join a loving, new, forever home which includes another All Hounds on Deck rescue dog as part of the family! Sometimes a story has a sad beginning, but it sure does the heart good to hear about a happily ever after ending! 

ISF Grantee Amelie

By Brandy D. Anderson

Edited by Bob Stone

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