April, a three and a half pound, one year old Chihuahua came to a Florida shelter as a stray with a broken leg. No one came to claim April and any attempt to find her owners came up empty handed. Because of her injury, April was not available for adoption to the general public and without rescue, she would be euthanized. A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Inc. (AFHAR) refused to let April’s life be cut short and took her in. When AFHAR reached out to ISF and let us know about April, we were happy help pay for her surgery with a Medical Emergency Grant.

Once in AFHAR’s care, April’s outgoing personality began to shine. An AFHAR volunteer told ISF “She is very affectionate, gentle and greets everyone with a wagging tail and kisses.” It was determined the best doctor to fix April’s leg was two hours away so dedicated AFHAR volunteers often made the four hour round trip drive to ensure April got the best care available.

April’s surgery was a success and her recovery period was managed with pain killers, nausea medication, lots of rest and a caring foster home who made sure she was getting everything she needed. Her foster family often sent AFHAR and ISF updates and pictures. They wrote “She's doing great. She had her stitches out and I’m sure she would be running around if she was allowed to, but she still has to be confined unless she's being held (which is most of the time).  She is so sweet and friendly.  She loves everyone.  I'm so glad that AFHAR rescued her and ISF was able to give a grant to get her leg fixed. She is such a happy girl and the definition of adorable!”

April fully healed and after several months with her foster family, they could not let her go and officially adopted her in November of 2014. After April’s happy outcome, an AFHAR volunteer wrote to ISF to say, “We are very confident April has the best forever home she could ever ask for and we will not hesitate to help another animal in need. Our rescue will continue to help animals in need as we have had many successful outcomes and adoptions such as Aprils. Vetting, fostering, our adoption center and all the wonderful volunteers come together to make our rescue a success. We cannot do it without the help of organizations such as the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.”




Written by Veronica Hampton