ISF Grantee ArnoldIf you've never seen a Weimaraner dog, you're missing out. They're large, beautiful, regal looking creatures who will just make your heart melt. Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue (TPWR) recognizes the awesomeness of Weimaraners with their “Cold Noses and Warm Hearts” (after all, it's their motto), and when they first spotted seven-year-old Arnold SchWEIMzenegger they knew they had to help.

Arnold was in a “high kill shelter”, he was morbidly obese, he was suffering from high fever, he was covered with tick bites, and he had an elevated white blood cell count indicative of a severe infection. TPWR immediately rescued him from the shelter as soon as they received a tip. He had to be put into quarantine, but TPWR's main headquarters couldn't house a dog of his size. TPWR had to transport him six hours away to their Arizona chapter which was better equipped for isolation of larger dogs. Particular care was taken to ensure Arnold was as comfortable as possible during this stressful trip. Unfortunately, the long journey, which was necessary but taxing, caused poor Arnold to develop Bloat/Gastric Torsion, a life-threatening condition.

Arnold was immediately taken to the vet and he received emergency surgery to correct his stomach and intestines, which had grown twisted with the B. G. Torsin. Another procedure was done at the same time to reduce his chance of a recurrence. During this time, Arnold was also treated and cured of “an undefined infectious illness” he had contracted at the animal shelter before he was rescued. Luckily, Arnold made a full recovery and he was placed in a loving foster home where he began a vet-mandated weight-loss regime to get back to a healthy weight. Additionally, all of the stress and illness had caused him to present signs of emotional and behavioral stress, so it was extremely important for him to be placed in the right home. By this time, medical costs had skyrocketed, so TPWR contacted the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for help, and we happily obliged!

TPWR told us Arnold is now “thriving with his long-term foster family”. They went on to tell us, “he has bonded with his foster family and their other dog, he's playful and loving”. TPWR said their volunteers have all been “struck by Arnold's gentle loving personality. Despite the traumatic events he endured, Arnold has rapidly bonded to volunteers involved in his care”. Arnold has been very successful in his long-term home as he continues to work towards a healthy weight and become more comfortable with the stress he's endured, and he's getting closer to finding his forever home.

TPWR said “Arnold's story gives testament to TPWR's rescue philosophy to give every dog a chance for survival and rehabilitation even if medical illness is encountered during the rescue process. Arnold's story is an example of how, with the right medical care as well as the care and rehabilitation provided in a loving foster home, even older dogs with significant challenges can make a full recovery and rehabilitate to become loving and happy family pets”! We couldn't agree more and we're so glad Arnold SchWEIMzenegger is on his way to finding his happy ending!

By Brandy D. Anderson

Edited by Bob Stone


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