Arrow and Archer

The capacity for evil in some humans was never more apparent than what happened to Archer and Arrow.  This past May, Partners for Pets in Troy, IL received a call about a young male cat found with an arrow lodged in his mid-section.  Arrow, aptly yet oddly named, was taken to Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital to begin treatment for this horrendous injury.  Arrow was in shock and had dangerously low blood pressure as well as low body temperature.  This tough farm cat, it was eventually discovered, was quite a fighter though narrowly pulling through with the help of the dedicated vets and technicians who helped stabilize him. Fortunately, the arrow missed all major organs so his biggest challenge was overcoming the severe infection which had set in. 

Exactly one week later, a second cat was brought in from the same area, this time with an arrow lodged in his leg.  Archer, as he was similarly named, was in bad shape.  X-rays showed his leg was severely broken in two places.  The vets attempted to repair the damage using an external fixator with pins.  Like his friend Arrow, infection would be the biggest challenge he would have to overcome.  With vet bills amounting to more than $5,000, Lisa from Partners for Pets reached out to ISF for a grant to cover some of the costs and we happily obliged.

Although Arrow and Archer suffered greatly at the hands of another human, they were very sweet in happily accepting attention and affection from their caregivers.  With the help of a concerned citizen who offered up a $5,000 reward and a public outcry, it appears an arrest by the St. Clair Sherriff’s Department is forthcoming.  Hopefully, the monster responsible for this heinous crime will be prosecuted and never harm another creature again.

As for the heroes of our story, Arrow finally recovered after a long battle with severe infection. Archer, unfortunately, ended up losing his leg. The damaged leg and subsequent infection was too severe and amputation was deemed necessary. They both spent several months in loving foster homes recuperating from their injuries. We are happy to report they are now both healthy and have both been adopted!  Thanks to the tireless efforts of the first responders, Partners for Pets, Horseshoe Animal Hospital, the foster parents and Arrow’s and Archer’s adoptive families, these kitties have a second chance at a happy life.

We will be sure to post an update as soon as we get confirmation the person responsible has been formally charged and prosecuted.

Written by Shandra Locken

Edited by Bob Stone