Autumn is a three-year-old shepherd mix with inspiring determination and a will to live. An animal warden found her in pretty bad condition on the side of the road in Southern Ohio and took her to the local shelter where she remained for a week. The shelter was unable to raise the funds needed to help Autumn, so they reached out to Storm’s Angels who agreed to take Autumn in under their care.

After checking her out, they discovered Autumn had a fractured left femur and pelvis from apparently being hit by a car. It’s hard to tell how long she had been living with the pain and discomfort from her injury which required either surgery or amputation of the leg.

Wanting the best quality of life for Autumn, Storm’s Angels decided to fight and save her leg. They knew it would be a costly procedure, but after witnessing Autumn’s calm and sweet temperament even while in excruciating pain, they decided to find a way.

Storm’s Angels contacted the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) and explained Autumn’s situation. With the assistance of an ISF grant, Storm’s Angels went through with the surgery to insert a plate and screws to stabilize her left femur fracture. She was put on pain medication and prescribed 30 days of crate rest to allow her right pelvic fracture to heal.

“The biggest challenge was keeping her on crate rest while she healed,” said Stephanie of Storm’s Angels. After her recovery, Autumn was able to walk without assistance and pain.

Through a Facebook post, a man saw and took notice of Autumn. She reminded him of his previous shepherd whom he had lost two years ago. The two connected and Autumn is now living the good life; running and playing pain free in her forever home.

“Autumn would never have made it without ISF’s help,” Stephanie commented. “Thankfully, we were able to save Autumn’s leg and she is living a great life and being spoiled rotten.”



Written by Whitney Norton

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