Baby Cat

ISF Grantee Baby Cat

At a time when people enjoy their summer and go on holiday, Baby Cat was unfairly struggling for her life. The poor little Tabby had only spent three years on Earth before she was found alone and wounded on a doorstep.

Wendy was in summer classes for college when she received a call from a friend who had found Baby Cat; her legs broken and limp. Without thinking twice, Wendy left her class to go and rescue Baby Cat.

She immediately brought her to the vet who suspected Baby Cat was hit by a vehicle. After several x-rays, it was evident Baby Cat would need surgery to repair her dislocated hip. She also had three pelvic fractures and needed a long rest and a week of medication to help her pelvis heal.

During this time, Baby Cat was lucky enough to have Wendy in her life so she could recover peacefully. About this experience, Wendy said to ISF, “When I first picked her up all she would do was growl and hiss and swat. Now that she has been using her paws to crawl around on the carpet and get into the litter box on her own, she likes to be petted and she even plays! She is such a sweet little angel”.

ISF Grantee Baby Cat

Despite the love she was then covered with, Baby Cat still needed expensive surgery to correct her hip which Wendy could not afford. Wendy filled out a grant application with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for help.

At ISF, everybody wanted Baby Cat and Wendy to have the life they deserve together and we decided to help this compassionate student in paying the vet bills.

Shortly thereafter, Baby Cat underwent a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO). After the FHO and spay surgery, Baby Cat spent most of her time sleeping and Wendy noticed they were closer to each other more than ever: “She doesn't try to hide under the bed anymore so this tells me that she is comfortable and knows she is safe. Lately, I wake-up in the middle of the night and find her on top of me with her face right in front of mine”.

Three months later Baby Cat completely recovered, except she now keeps her leg extended when she sits, which doesn’t seem to bother her. According to her new Mom: “She’s is running around and playing like nothing ever happened”.

ISF knew immediately we had made the right decision to help Baby Cat and Wendy and it was heart-warming to read these words after Baby Cat’s full recovery: “If I wasn't able to gather funds for the operation, I would have had to surrender her to the Humane Society so she could receive treatment. Luckily, I was able to give Baby Cat the voice she desperately needed to ultimately attain care, and in accordance, a forever home with me”.

Written by Hélène Bienaimé

Edited by Bob Stone

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