When Stephanie Stronsick, of Pennsylvania Bat Rescue, contacted ISF for an Emergency Medical Grant, we knew we had a unique opportunity to help a misunderstood and yet fascinating creature. 

With the help of the Dublin Veterinary Clinic, Stronsick’s rescue organization regularly cares for and rehabilitates several native bat species. Just this past year, they have rescued over 100 bats! The bats they care for are referred to them for injuries such as broken wing bones, dislocated shoulders, bacterial infections, wing tears, etc. After rehabilitation and if possible, the bats are released back into the wild.  With the growing cost of veterinary care as well as needed medications, Stronsick reached out to ISF and we were thrilled to be able to contribute to such a worthwhile endeavor. 

Since receiving the grant, Stronsick’s group was able to help a few bats with particularly complicated circumstances. One case involved a young male brown bat suffering from a compound fracture of its right wing radius which had not healed properly.  The fractured wing could not be saved, guaranteeing the bat would not fly again, so he remains in captivity with another non-releasable “bat buddy.”

Another case involved a female brown bat who came into Stronsick’s care with severe trauma of an unknown origin.  This bat is currently recovering and will be in their care until the bruising has disappeared. 

The last case was referred to Stronsick’s group by another wildlife rehab center and involved another female brown bat who had suffered injuries caused by a cat.  After her extensive wing damage was tended to by topical medications antibiotics, she is now recovering, but will remain with the rescue for up to one year before she can be released.





Written by Shandra Locken

Edited by Bob Stone

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