When a stray cat was abandoned in the neighborhood of a kind hearted woman, the Good Samaritan began to feed her. Over the days which followed, she noticed the cat, named Bella, had an eye infection which continued to worsen. Searching Facebook for a nearby rescue, she came across Pitiful Paws Rescue (PPR) and decided to contact them. 

Pitiful Paws Rescue came to pick up Bella and took her straight to their veterinary office. Bella’s eye infection, caused by an unknown source, (perhaps she scratched it on something) had already caused her to lose vision. Due to the severity of the infection, the vet informed the rescue the eye would need to be removed. PPR let ISF know about Bella’s situation and was granted a Medical Emergency Grant to help with her surgery.

Bella was placed in a foster home for a couple of days and given antibiotics before the surgery to help heal the infection. PPR told ISF, “She is warming up great! She is guarding her food/water, which makes us think that she has been on the streets for a while without food.”

Once surgery was complete, Bella never let her disability define her. She loves to get attention and be around people. Bella did not have to wait long before finding her forever home. PPR had a pre-approved adopter, Harland, who was waiting for a special needs or older cat and PPR contacted him as soon as they took Bella into their rescue. Therefore, Harland was able to be with Bella through her entire surgery and recovery process.

PPR wrote ISF, “Bella bounced back from her surgery and lives life to the fullest with her new dad. He sends us pictures and updates frequently and it’s always a nice reminder when we have happy cases and happy endings! Sometimes we all need a little bit of happiness in our lives from our successful cases when working in rescue. Bella is an amazing girl, and her dad Harland is an amazing person for wanting to take in a less-adoptable cat. This case was a perfect ending for us! Thank you to ISF for your dedication to helping rescues be able to take in cases like this!”



Written by Veronica Hampton