Eight year old Bentley, an adorable black Cocker Spaniel, was rescued by the Southern California non-profit group New Beginnings. The wonderful folks at New Beginnings first rescued Bentley from an Orange County Shelter and they immediately were drawn to his loving, friendly and happy personality. They knew Bentley would be a perfect candidate for adoption because of his affectionate behavior towards other animals in his foster home and his caring attitude towards everyone he meets.

However, there was one major obstacle keeping him from a speedy adoption – his eyes. His rescue care-takers noticed a rapidly maturing cataract in his left eye, a condition which only developed a few months after they rescued him. Luckily, Bentley tested negative for diabetes, one possible cause for cataracts, but he still needed to undergo major eye surgery to fix his condition. In addition to the surgery, he also required daily Prednisone acetate eye drops to prevent inflammation before the procedure as well as a number of pre-surgery diagnostics. New Beginnings contacted the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) to help with the costs and we were excited to lend a hand! In fact, we've given New Beginnings a grant in the past for Hercules, the adorable Bulldog, rescued by them last year so we already knew they did great work!

Bentley received the necessary surgery and recovered nicely, with the surgeon commenting they were very pleased with his recovery. Now that he is healthy again, it was time to find his forever home. As fate would have it Joe, a US military veteran, was looking for a companion to join his family. New Beginnings told ISF, “Bentley had been waiting a long time for this day and the wait was worth it because the perfect home came along. Joe, a Vietnam Veteran, recently lost his beloved Fudgy who looked very similar to Bentley and was a service dog.” New Beginnings went on to say, “Bentley will be very spoiled by Joe who will take him everywhere.” Joe has even begun the process of allowing Bentley to become a service dog!


Written By Brandy D. Anderson

Edited By: Bob Stone