Berry Resourceful

Ever thought to yourself, how can I make a super resourceful and creative garden using reusable materials? Well, the answer to your question is right here! Making a garden that is constructed out of previously used materials is a breeze! For example, if you have an old boot, you can fill it with soil and any types of plants! Voilà, you now have created your own reusable garden!

Having a vegetable garden is a great way to furnish your family with delicious and organic vegetables. My garden contains over 10 types of plants, all mostly in reused pots and planters. I use various materials, but one of my favorites, which is pictured above, is made out of a laundry ‘pod’ container. I soaked the container in water to get the labels off, took the lid off, and decorated the sides. I then put my strawberry plant in the container with some dirt and fertilizer. I also poked several dime-sized holes in the bottom so that extra water could come out. The holes are essential because without them, the water will pool causing molding and fungus, which kills your plant.

When picking plants to grow, be very mindful about the requirements of said plant. For example, if you plan on putting your plant in a location that only gets shade and the plant you buy requires full sun, it will die. Place plants in spaces where they can flourish! Pay attention as well to the watering requirements so that you do not under or over water your garden! Remember, each plant is unique and requires different amounts of sun and water.

The benefit of using a reusable container is that you are making a difference in the amount of trash present in a landfill. By reusing the container and not throwing it in the trash, you are minimizing waste. That is an amazing feat and is so beneficial to the environment. Plus, you can make some pretty cool containers and vegetables that you grow yourself almost always taste better!

Another way to use household containers in your garden is to use toilet paper and paper towel rolls. To do so, you can take the roll and put a seedling/sapling with some dirt at the bottom into the roll. Then stick the roll into the ground. The toilet/paper towel roll is biodegradable. That means it breaks apart eventually and becomes soil when in the ground. This is beneficial for the plant because as it grows, the roll will slowly decompose around its roots.

In conclusion, using reused materials as pots for your garden is a resourceful and aesthetic way to help the environment. Plus, the pots are fun to make and fill! Good luck on your gardening endeavors and remember, by being ‘berry’ resourceful you are benefiting the environment and creating a wonderful garden!

Picture Credit: Rylyn K.

Article by: Rylyn K. Volunteer Alumni

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