Blizzard, Tundra, Yukon, Timber and Avalanche

After a young girl was fatally attacked by a pack of dogs, it was decided to round up and mass kill every stray dog in the area. With no spay and neuter program set up and years of multiplying, several starved dogs roamed among the local human population. Suddenly, men were arriving and shooting them on site. During this time, Dolly's Legacy Animal Rescue (DLAR) was able to save a litter of five innocent puppies. They were named Blizzard, Tundra, Yukon, Timber and Avalanche. Four days later, it was discovered the entire litter had Parvovirus which can be fatal in many dogs.

The puppies were immediately transferred to a veterinary hospital and placed on IV fluids and aggressive antibiotics. Peggy, a volunteer with DLAR wrote ISF, “For what these puppies have been through they are so resilient. Our fosters have already taught them to sit and shake in a few days. They are smart and inquisitive. Their fate was changed a few days ago when they were saved from being shot (and) now they are facing Parvo.We want nothing more than to be able to pull them through, but we need help paying for treatment. We are willing to do anything possible to save them but need help.” ISF gave DLAR a Medical Emergency Grant to help pay for the parvovirus treatments.

The puppies were hospitalized for fifteen days with IV fluids and numerous types of antibiotics. It is believed along with Parvo, the puppies were also suffering from another unidentified virus. Tragically, despite doing everything they could, Blizzard and Tundra were unable to survive.

Peggy wrote ISF, “We were heartbroken that our best wasn't good enough to save Tundra and Blizzard. I learned that even our best efforts are sometimes not enough to save them. I personally spent weeks shuttling the pups back and forth to the emergency hospital and giving them everything we had. I am thankful that we were able to save three of them. The two weeks that the pups were in the hospital and sick were some of the coldest and dreariest days of this winter in Nebraska. On Christmas day I transferred the pups back to our regular vet and I could see the brightness coming back in their eyes for the first time. After I dropped them off and was driving home, the sun came out for the first time since they had been hospitalized and I knew that they were going to make it.”

Of the three who survived, Yukon was able to find his forever home first. Shortly afterward Timber and Avalanche went to meet a couple who were approved for adopting. Since the couple couldn't choose between the two, they adopted them both!  

Written by Veronica Hampton


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