Treeing Walker Coonhounds are absolutely adorable and very sweet. They're also highly coveted hunting dogs and unfortunately, some people bring them home only to forget them, if they decide they're no longer “useful”. While we don't know exactly what led poor Boone, our lovable Coonhound friend, to end up on the streets, we do know he had been out wandering, cold and alone one Christmas Eve. A kind soul picked him up and took him home.

Unfortunately, this good hearted person wasn't able to keep Boone permanently and he ended up being passed on from one home to another, continually becoming “lost”, until the wonderful rescuers at All Hounds on Deck took him in. At first look, he appeared to be healthy, but when he was taken to the vet to be neutered, receive his shots and treated for fleas and ticks, it was discovered he was suffering from heartworms and Ehrlichia.

Ehrlichia Canis is a disease found in dogs and wild canids (such as wolves). Ehrlichia is sometimes called “tracker dog disease”, “canine typhus” and “canine hemorrhagic fever”. There are different strains and some can affect humans as well, although humans cannot contract it from an infected dog. It's only passed directly from ticks which is also how it is transmitted to dogs. Ehrlichia Canis requires antibiotic treatments for three to four weeks and it may also involve a blood transfusion.

Treatments for both heartworms and Ehrlichia are costly so All Hounds on Deck reached out to ISF to ask for a little help and we were very pleased to offer them the assistance they needed. Luckily, Boone didn't require a blood transfusion and he was able to undergo the much less invasive doxycycline treatment which knocked the Ehrlichia right out. Boone was also successfully treated for heartworms. With both treatments finished, Boone was now happy and healthy. Time to find him a furever home!

All Hounds on Deck told us that although they have a rather selective and lengthy adoption process, to ensure our fuzzy friends end up in good homes, they were happy to report Boone quickly found his forever family! Not only did Boone find a loving home with a warm mom and dad, he also gained a new Coonhound brother (Bucky) as well! They tell us, “It’s a match made in heaven for the dogs and for them”! We wish Boone, Bucky and family the best of luck! 

By Brandy D. Anderson

Edited by Bob Stone


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