Bridget (Warning - Graphic Picture Content)

While browsing “Craigslist”, an “Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption” (UPRA) volunteer came across an ad from a concerned citizen advertising three puppies which may have been abused. Acting immediately, UPRA rescued the puppies. Two were okay, but the third, a small lab mix puppy named Bridget, was not so lucky. Bridget (which means “Strength” and “Hope”) suffered external chemical bleach burns over her entire face and head. The burns traveled down her esophagus and into her internal organs. A metal object which appeared to be a nut was found in her stomach.  Seeking financial assistance, a volunteer from UPRA reached out to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation Medical Emergency Grant Program. ISF quickly sent UPRA funds to help with Bridget’s medical bills. Bridget received round the clock care from several veterinarians and specialists who removed the metal nut from her stomach and healed her burned body. Despite all that was done to Bridget and all the procedures she endured in regaining her health, volunteers at UPRA say Bridget showed nothing but love to everyone she met. Bridget remained true to her name, overcoming all the discomfort and pain she had to endure. Although she will always have sensitivity to sunlight requiring extra protection, Bridget has made a full recovery. She has been adopted and now spends her days with her new forever family, including another UPSA alumnus, a pit bull named Fireball.