Chloe's Food for Thought: Girl Love

I have been noticing a great deal of controversy and conversation recently concerning girls and how they choose to present themselves; Notably, makeup has been a hot topic of discussion regarding how much makeup a girl should wear on a daily basis. Alicia Keys recently showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards wearing no makeup as a statement to encourage girls to embrace themselves for what is on the inside, rather than what is on the outside. She stood strong and bare-faced at a glamourous Hollywood event where one would rarely see a woman without a full face of makeup. I admire how Alicia broke away from the standards of the awards show. She stood out as an individual without taking into account the judgement or backlash that would result from her decision. She received a great deal of applause for her choice, but criticism still managed to come her way. Headlines bashed her by saying that she looked tired and needed makeup in order to look presentable. I believe that no one truly needs makeup in order to look more appealing to the general public, as long as they feel comfortable and happy.

When it comes to me, I am a person who loves makeup because it serves as a source of excitement. I can do art by using my own face as a pallette. I have also noticed girls being picked apart for the opposite reason that Alicia was criticized due to the ‘excessive’ amounts of makeup that they wear. If a girl wants to express herself through makeup, wear a bold lipstick because she is feeling extra confident, or wear winged eyeliner because she loves the way it makes her eyes pop, then she is entitled to do so too. No one’s opinion should have the power to dictate what a girl can or cannot wear in order to feel confident. I do not use makeup because I feel insecure but rather to have fun and to experiment in order to motivate myself to go to school.

A common misconception is that girls who wear makeup are uncomfortable with their natural beauty and that girls who do not wear makeup are not as feminine as those who do.  In a time where social media is a worldwide platform for people to openly share their opinions, bullying and hate comments are often said with no repercussions. Girls need to support each other for their choices and beliefs, no matter how they may differ from one’s own opinion. Girl power has been a positive rising force on the internet where girls compliment and back each other up, rather than tearing each other down. In order to retaliate against the standard expectations that women face every single day, the strength of girls coming together can make the world a more accepting place. After the recent election, women may be feeling unsafe or silenced, but the power that comes out of showing kindness and respect for one another is the first step in making a communal difference. Makeup or no makeup, a girl is beautiful because of who she is on the inside, her freedom to be herself in any way she wishes to be.

Written by Chloe - Youth Volunteer

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