Cowan is a beautiful, male, domestic, long hair kitten who was brutally attacked by a dog. Three people witnessed the attack: the owner of the kitten, the owner of the dog and a neighbor, who was shocked because she felt the incident could have been prevented if the kitten wasn’t wandering outside. Sadly, when faced with the injured kitten, the owner said, “It’s only a cat”, refusing to take the kitten back into her home.

The neighbor, after viewing this incident in horror, kindly picked up Cowan and immediately took him to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. It was Christmas Eve, however, and the shelter was closed. Since this was an emergency and determined to get Cowan the care and treatment he rightfully deserved, the neighbor continued to bang on the door until she finally got a response. She explained the incident in detail at the door, divulging all the information pertaining to the attack.

The kitten was taken in, but not assessed until December 27th. Upon evaluation, it was discovered Cowan was in critical condition suffering from a punctured lung and a missing back foot. A plea went out to various rescue groups asking to take Cowan in and All About Animals Rescue (AAAR) stepped in to help. They took him to their vet where he was attended to and stabilized until surgery could be performed.

Despite what he had already been through in his short life, Cowan was still loving and trusting of people and other animals. Because of this, the volunteers with AAAR were determined to save his life.

All About Animals Rescue applied for an Emergency Grant through ISF, who were perplexed at this act of cruelty and granted them the funds they needed to commence the surgery. Surgery was performed in January when Cowan had pins and a fixator inserted to repair his fractured leg. Surgery was a success and Cowan was placed into a foster home to heal and recover.

Cowan was adopted into a home where he now can live out his days in health, happiness and pure love. He will never have to experience the pain of abandonment or harm again!

Written by Popi Doukakis

Edited by Bob Stone


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