Demetrius is a 2 year-old male Boxer who found himself caught in a home of domestic abuse. When family members stepped in to break up the situation, they also took Demetrius who was being neglected.  Unable to keep him, The Minnesota Boxer Rescue (MBR) was contacted for assistance and immediately took Demetrius into their care.

Demetrius was emaciated from starvation, had not been vaccinated or neutered, had several broken and exposed teeth, a double ear infection and a dislocated hip.  Further examination showed calcium calcification and cartilage build up because the hip injury was old and had not been properly cared for. This caused the young boxer to walk with a painful limp. MBR decided to do the vet recommended Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) surgery on Demetrius to enable him to have a better life.

MBR found a foster family for Demetrius and immediately began to nurse him back to better health so he could be vaccinated and neutered. In the mean time, they rallied to figure out how to pay for his expensive surgery. They knew they needed to fight for Demetrius. After all the pain and suffering he had been through, he showed no signs of aggression, even with food, and couldn’t seem to give enough kisses to his new foster family. “Even though he hadn’t been eating much and is very thin, he takes food so gently from the hand. He never lost his wiggle, he has a great spirit!” Demetrius’ foster family commented.

MBR reached out to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) for financial aid and once they received our grant, Demetrius went into surgery. In surgery, it was discovered Demetrius’ femoral head had eroded over 50% and the ligament of his femoral head was not even intact. While under anesthesia, the surgeon also pulled out an exposed canine tooth which was causing Demetrius great discomfort.

Post-surgery, the range of motion in Demetrius’ leg began to improve with the help of his foster mom who is a surgical nurse. The biggest challenge with Demetrius was not letting him get too rambunctious. Boxers tend to have a high energy level and are known for their agile athletic style. MBR was prepared to do whatever it took to make sure Demetrius received the care he deserved and in time, he healed enough to be put up for adoption.

After seeing his adorable face on the rescue’s website, a couple who could not pass up the opportunity to bring him into their home adopted Demetrius. Knowing what he has been through, they are perfectly fine with the time and energy it will take for him to be completely rehabilitated. Now pain free, he teams up with his hound-mix, fur-brother to cause mischief around the house.

“Thanks for helping Demetrius get his wiggle back,” the foster mom stated to ISF.



Written by Whitney Norton

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