ISF Grantee DenaNo one knows if Dena had a family or the circumstances behind this little pup’s traumatic injuries. Dena, a Shepard mix puppy, was found by a Good Samaritan and taken to the Gallup, New Mexico shelter, seriously traumatized from fractures to her front and rear left legs. Splinting her legs kept them from sustaining more damage, but it was evident surgery was needed to save her life and her legs. 

RezDawg Rescue in Colorado stepped in. Dena was transported to her foster parent, Carol, before her trip to the Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists in Longmont, Colorado. The orthopedic surgeon confirmed the fracture to the ulna and radius on her left front leg, which would require a delicate and costly procedure. There was also a break to her left rear leg.

Being the recipient of grants from the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in the past, RezDawg Rescue immediately applied for assistance on Dena’s behalf and received another ISF grant. Surgery was then scheduled.  Doctors inserted a plate and screws to repair the ulna and radius on her left front leg. However, there was concern for the fracture to her left rear leg as it was found to be on a growth plate. On a pup 3-6 months old the surgeon was cautious, deciding to wait and see if surgery was necessary.

ISF Grantee DenaTen weeks later, Dena’s doctor was happy to find no additional surgery was necessary. A model patient, this little bundle of fur and love sensed everyone’s efforts to help her.  Her foster parent, Carol, reports Dena is healing well.  Even with her splints, it’s hard to keep this perky little puppy quiet.  At 12 weeks, x-rays showed she would finally be free of her splints and able to move around slowly, with very restricted exercise.  When she began putting more weight on her leg, she graduated to 3 weeks of physical therapy.

We never know when life will bring unexpected changes.  For Dena, it was finally finding her adoptive parents, but for Carol it would be the loss of her longest and beloved foster friend. Carol’s handyman and his wife had recently lost their older dog and were looking for a companion for Indy, their other Rezdawg Rescue. After Dena’s full recovery, they were able to adopt her, giving her a new home and a new name, Cali.

Cali is one of many animals given a second chance because of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation grant program. This program is possible because of supporters like you. Your donation can help ISF continue its mission to help all animals in need.  Stand together with ISF.

Written by Judy Paolercio

Edited by Bob Stone

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